Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bush Economy Roars, MSM Silent

Ed Morrissey has a good piece on something I was going to post about after I saw PBS's lugubrious slow-witted Jim Lehrer note that the Dow had gone up yesterday without noting it was an all-time high. A few minutes later, the less-leftist Brian Williams did so note, but very blandly. No MSM major outlets have any reporting on the booming economy, unless it is to note some slight shortcoming. A PBS interview the other night with Ms. Furchtgott-Roth had a black Dem economist interrupting her with his party-line gloom-doom and anticipating what she was going to say by pro-actively refuting her arguments "she's going to say....., but in reality my objective non-partisan Cambridge-based yadda yadda yadda...." It was a farce, but the PC PBS interlocutor made no attempt to rein in the imbecilities mouthed by the black mouthpiece.

You will recall that fake economists like Krugboy of the NYT and his ilk have been predicting economic catastrophe non-stop and still persist, since facts have never kept the leftist socialist agenda from propagating factitious nonsense.

Along with the Foley imbroglio, which even the Washington Post now admits was being shopped around by Dem agents for months, the MSM is in high dudgeon about a gigantic disinformation scam claiming over 600,000 killed in Iraq---a totally fabricated lie that will go on the front pages unrefuted except for tiny paragraphs noting that some disagree with the bloated figures. Rick Moran has the best lowdown on this scandalous use of the Big Lie by Democratic academics to spread disinformation. Goebbels would be proud of Howard Dean and Bill Keller/Leonard Downie.

In the meantime, the Dems blame Bush for North Korea, which took Clinton's money and Albright's champagne toasts as the miniture madman continued his mini-me crusade to torture and torment his serf-subjects worse than Stalin or the Czars ever did in Russia. John McCain guest blogs at Captain's Quarters over the Clintonian assuming the position and supplying Dear Leader with KY jelly.

Bill O'Reilly explains in painstaking detail the same sad story of the left's control of the networks---save Fox---and the PBS/NPR/NYT/LAT/WaPo print agitprop organs. The Wall Street Journal and FOX-News are lonely outposts of sanity in the tsunami of anti-Bush, pro-Dem propaganda emanating from the MSM.

Which gives out Pulitzers and other dubious prizes for the most ridiculous attempts to undermine American foreign policy by illegal and underhanded disinformation. As I watched Bob Woodward peddle his BS last nite on Letterman, even the leftist Dave-boy had a couple of doubting questions on just how much deliberate deception was involved in the Iraq War---and how much was the result of bad intelligence and delusionary thinking. Even the fraudulent weathervane Woodward had to admit that almost all policymakers are working in the dark, and gave an appropriate anecdote from Al Gore who told BW recently that the Clinton Administration had about "2%" of the picture concerning the entire reality of foreign-policy decision-making. A low bar to exceed, and maybe Bush has done better.

Oops, Al actually telling a truth. Don't get much of that!

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