Friday, October 20, 2006

Republicans Are Losing Real Conservatives

The Washington Times has an article that apes the NYT and the pilot fish in its beating up the GOP for real shortcomings. Of course, the media are pulling out all the stops on their mighty Wurlitzer---with Jay Leno and other fellow-travellers spending several minutes a nite lambasting the maggot-man/boy from Palm Beach and his imaginary priest-molestation. [To be fair, Jay mentioned that Monica L. has now started dating a bi-sexual female and brought up Pres Hillary with Monica again under the desk! The audience loved it!] So the hysteria swirling in the media is mirrored by the Wash Times, who should be a bit more sober.

However, when GWB hides in a back room when he signs the fence bill on immigration, it demonstrates the GOP hasn't got a clue about what its own base feels intensely about illegal immigration. GWB has always been of two minds about immigration, as his WSJ corporate nabobs inform him that immigrants keep wages down and dilute the power of unions. Of course, the Dems shriek that real wages are hardly reflecting GDP growth, but support the illegal immigration that keeps wages down, so they are hardly less hypocritical.

GWB has since his re-election not demonstrated leadership. He was hijacked by the neo-cons and corporate moguls who supported Israel and big oil, and he left the conservative/libertarian wing and the Christian evangelicals to hang out to dry.

And the lack of leadership extended to Congress, where a limp-wristed compliant Frist in the Senate and a Midwestern morbidly-obese Hastert have simply dropped the ball---and Hastert apparently continues to be unaware of his political shortcomings.

Finally, the inability of the Repubs to get oil out of ANWR by being outmaneouvered by minority Dems [along with flogging the spavined nag of Social Security and pushing a wildly dysfunctional Medicare meds bill] also demonstrates sheer ineptitude and lack of clear-eyed leadership at the top---the Oval Office.

GWB has always confused personal loyalty and stubbornness with leadership. His last two years will be purgatory because he kept dolts like Rumsfeld and Cheney as his consiglieri and rejected mid-course corrections due to their advice.

The problem with a Dem takeover of the House and Senate will be their demonstrated incompetence at economic stewardship and in national security matters.

And the media continues to buffalo and browbeat timid "culture warriors" like Bill O'Reilly, who do so want to be accepted, like a nerd/geek in high school, into the in-crowd that is stylish and socially at the top. Last nite he listened to a woman named Hall convince him that the media is unbiased and nodded and ignored Bernie Goldberg, who knows all too well that the media swims in a sea of leftist salinity.

Just another phony ready to sell his principles to get on The View and Oprah.

Conservatives are going to have to get used to being outsiders again. They had 12 years to engineer a Contract With America, [four with both Congress and the White House] and they blew it.

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