Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mark Steyn on Muslim Infiltration into US Government

Steyn's brilliance is surpassing itself and I hope O'Reilly's considerable ego does not prevent him from introducing the estimable young Canadian to the American public. Drudgereport should link Steyn also, as he is so much more enlightening than a lot of the snuffed candles on that site. His book should be a best-seller and the NY Post is excerpting parts of it.
Here is a sample:
When you look at it that way, the biggest globali zation success story of recent years is not McDonald's or Microsoft but Islamism. The Saudis took what was not so long ago a severe but peripheral strain of Islam - practiced by Bedouins in the middle of a desert miles from anywhere - and successfully exported it to Jakarta and Singapore and Alma-Ata and Grozny and Sarajevo and Lyons and Bergen and Manchester and Ottawa and Dearborn and Falls Church. It was a strictly local virus, but the bird flew the coop.

And now, instead of the quaintly parochial terrorist movements of yore, we have the first globalized insurgency.

As a bleary Dean Martin liked to say, in mock bewilderment, at the start of his stage act: "How did all these people get in my room?" How did all these jihadists get rooms in Miami and Portland and Montreal? How did we come to breed suicide bombers not just in Gaza but in Yorkshire?

IN the globalized pre-9/11 world, we in the West thought in terms of nations - the Americans, the French, the Chinese - and, insofar as we considered transnational groups, were obsessed mostly with race. Religion wasn't really on the radar.

So an insurgency that lurks within a religion automatically has a global network. And you don't need "deep cover": You can hang your shingle on Main Street and we won't even notice it. And when we do - as we did on 9/11 - we still won't do anything about it, because, well, it's a religion, and modern man is disinclined to go after any faith except perhaps his own.

Europe is very far along the road to blissful self-annihilation by PC Thought Police Brussels-type Newspeak and Ministry of Hate/Love proclamations. Canada leads the Anglo-Saxon world is that river that flows through Egypt, but the US is being suborned by the Fifth Column that is the Fourth Estate [h/t: Thomas Sowell]. After some semi-humorous albeit scary list of terror-acts by gentlemen named Mohammed, Steyn unloads the following:
...in 2003, Abdurahman Alamoudi was jailed for attempting to launder money from a Libyan terror-front "charity" into Syria via London.

Who's Abdurahman Alamoudi? He's the guy who until 1998 certified Muslim chaplains for the United States military, under the aegis of his Saudi-funded American Muslim Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Council. In 1993, at an American military base, at a ceremony to install the first imam in the nation's armed forces, it was Mr. Alamoudi who presented him with his new insignia of a silver crescent star.

He's also the fellow who helped devise the three-week Islamic awareness course in California public schools, in the course of which students adopt Muslim names, wear Islamic garb, give up candy and TV for Ramadan, memorize suras from the Koran, learn that "jihad" means "internal personal struggle," profess the Muslim faith, and recite prayers that begin "In the name of Allah," etc.

OH, and, aside from his sterling efforts on behalf of multicultural education, Alamoudi was also an adviser on Islamic matters to Hillary Clinton.

In three weeks, Americans are very likely to vote into power a party that kowtows to any movement that seeks to destroy America in the belief that talking to that movement will somehow come to a meeting of minds.

And dupes like Hillary in 2008 will possibly take over the country, led by those whose wishful thinking will always let them avoid the hard decisions needed to protect America from blackmail by terrorism.

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