Monday, October 16, 2006

London 2012 Olympics Clash with Ramadhan

The Daily Mail has an article that has me scratching my head and chuckling at the same time. First of all, Muslim athletes
do not have to fast during Ramadhan if certain exigencies applay, and they can get a fatwa to assure them of that fact.

But the self-absorbed empty-headed airheads in London are saying that the Olympics would never be scheduled to conflict with Christmas! Someone should tell them that the Olympics have always been scheduled in summer in the northern hemisphere. We are not going to change that fact because a small religious minority in the world community starts yelping with rage.

Of course, given Brit problems with spinal-column deficiencies, we can't be sure of that. The nannified left might screech and scream. But the fact that Muslims comprise about 1% of the Olympic medals won in the competition's long history should be taken into account.

And also into account, the fact that the biggest influence that Muslims have had on the Olympics was their murder of 11 athletes in the '72 Munich Games---a fact that should never be forgotten as these violence-prone terrorists have forever violated the Olympic spirit founded on a truce.

It's sort of like having vicious junk-yard dogs compete at the Westminister Dog Show.

Oh, and in case readers may consider the dog metaphor above too harsh, consider an article from this website and see if double standards on these metaphors aren't the order of the day.

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