Friday, October 20, 2006

Psycho Sociopaths on the Left in Senile Dementia

The fever swamps of the ultra-left blogosphere are not deep---indeed the left and Dems are characterized best as victims of dimestore psychobabble---but they are flecked everywhere with will o' the wisps of autistic wrong-headedness. Lieberman now leads Lamont by 17 points, but the loony-tuney crooners of craziness have some crack-brained observations at My D[elirious]D[elusions] and, of course, DailyDwarfism which believes that Chris Dodd will ride into town and drag nonsensical Ned to victory on imaginary coattails that only exist in the drug-addled minds of chronic recidivist confabulators.

Leftie blogs are worth reading only as a cautionary tale of what happens to the mind with too many stimulants, depressants, anti-depressants and self-administered BS.

Sniffing their own farts gets these people off, and they have legions of loonies who can't think, but can read enough to drink the Kool-Aid and join the lemming plunge.

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