Tuesday, October 24, 2006

RINO Bush Reluctantly Makes Public Fence Signing

The perpetually flummoxed-on-immigration RINO Bush has finally, reluctantly, agreed to insistent demands by Republicans wanting to make it an election issue, a public signing of the Enforcement Only Fence Bill.

The Washington Times describes some of the hand-wringing GWB has been going through, telegraphed by his aides, as 80%-plus polling shows that the US public wants a fence first and discussion of amnesty/legalization of ILLEGAL immigrants later, if at all.

While Bush's party is floundering in the polls around him, the single most popular issue with conservatives has been practically pocket-vetoed by the stymied P0TUS. He constantly mistakes stubbornness for resolve, and the one thing above all others that honest poll-takers seem to find the American people resolved about is stopping the torrent of illegal immigrants right away, before they infest the country with crime and other bad habits. And he believes that by not enforcing the laws on the books, he can somehow convince the unwashed hordes of potential security threats to turn themselves into good, tax-paying, civic-minded, God-fearing Republicans?

GWB thought he could turn Iraq into an orderly democracy. But some peoples do not have the temperament nor the inclination to solve their differences through rational debate conducted under legal restraints.

Mexico is teetering on the brink of becoming another Iraq, albeit only in the crime, corruption, and kleptocratic departments. Plus drug-trafficking across our borders enforced by organized crime militias protected by Mexican authorities. At least they're not religious!

Why should we assume that Latin American immigrants, who in their homelands revert to magical realism, miracle cures, and hyperventilating populism on a regular basis, will suddenly adopt European manners and mores in their new American surroundings? Maybe they will, but the utopian fantasies of leftist cloud-cuckoos, who shout racist at people who only want to enforce laws on the books, that somehow these undereducated peons will quickly adapt to the English-speaking world are controverted in California, which has huge barrios where English is not spoken and barely understood.

And a lot of these uninvited guests are already chanting about a reconquista to take back the lands ceded by the Treaty of Guadaloupe-Hidalgo to the Kleptocracy to the south.

The safer bet is to build a fence and enforce the laws. GWB's dreams will have to wait.

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Martin said...


We have a lot of uninvited guests in the UK.

They go by he generic name of 'Poles'.