Friday, October 13, 2006

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish: Air America Bankrupt

Garbage In Garbage Out say the science teachers, and Air America was a projectile-vomit spew of Randy Roads and Al Franken undigested stomach-pump junk food for the left-wing mind [pardon the oxymoron].

I listened only a few times, and between the vulgarities, the obscenities, and the inanities, there was nothing but idle chatter about the weather. Otherwise just chewing gum for the left-wing mind [again, pardon the oxymoron].

But I watched an ultra-left professor at the U. of Minnesota-Duluth last night on The Factor and this obese idiot claimed Bush was behind the 9/11 disaster and had it staged with thousands of accomplices.

Franken just moved to Minnesota, to be closer to his mental colleagues, who elected Ventura, the wrestler. Something in the water, I guess. By the way, Minnesota and Wisconsin lakes are where the loon is found more than anywhere else. Coincidence?

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