Friday, October 27, 2006

Pete Townshend Walks Out on Howard Stern

I have always considered The Who as the greatest and most creative of the great bands, with the possible exclusion of The Beatles. I went to five of their concerts live back in the day, two in France and three in the USA. The only live band that could match The Who [or rather approach it] in onstage energy that I ever saw was Bruce Springsteen. And I saw the Rolling Stones right in front of the stage.

Now it happens that obnoxious nobody Howard Stern, whose only known skill is squeezing his mental acne on-air, has dissed a genuine all-time great Rock & Roll hero, and Pete
did what any self-respecting person would do when faced with talking about a supposed crime which had been thrown out as without merit. He dissed obnoxious Matzoh-Pizza native Stern right back by walking out on the interview before it started.

I hope The Who get down to South Florida this winter so I can attend the sixth live concert and relive some of the wild genius that The Who brings to their live act. I hope nearly-deaf Pete is still the greatest guitarist in the world---and that includes Keith and Eric Clapton, with the possible exception of Chuck Berry. And B.B. King, whom I saw live in Zurich, of all places.

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