Friday, October 27, 2006

Irony: Shameless Mexican Prez Says New Fence "Embarrassment"

When the sadly misgoverned country to the U.S. south has a president like Vicente Fox whose malfeasance, misgovernance and misrule has caused millions of people to flee his country in search of a better way of life, one would think that he was referring to his own error-ridden years of governing his kleptocratic country.
He's the one who should be embarrassed.

Ah, but this would give the failed president too much credit for brains, moral fiber and common sense. Fox actually thinks the U.S. should be embarrassed for, in his own inapt and feeble-minded utterance, erecting what he calls a "Berlin Wall."

Of course, it's necessary to remind the fact-challenged kleptocrat cacique that the Berlin Wall was built to keep enslaved victims of Communism INSIDE East Germany and preventing these victims of misrule from fleeing Marxist tyranny.

Metaphor Alert: The U.S. "Berlin Wall" is being constructed to keep victims of Fox's bad governance from fleeing Mexico, not the U.S.A.. This is a subtle nuance way beyond the feeble-minded elitist kleptocrats to our south. Since Mexico is systematically misgoverned by Fox and the other elitist oligarchs in Mexico City, the impoverished inhabitants of Mexico WANT TO FLEE MEXICO and enter the prosperous, well-governed U.S.A.

But knowledge of history is just another of Fox's numerous lapses in general mental and moral development. His successor Calderon also agrees with the Berlin Wall analogy, indicating that diminished IQ and inability to understand metaphors, analogies, and elementary democratic government will continue to extend to the very top of intellectually impoverished Mexico.

When are these insufferable lightweights to the South going to reform their country's economy instead of blaming the U.S. for erecting a wall to keep Mexicans from illegally entering our country? Since when does a country not have the right to regulate its own borders? When high IQ, hard-working, tax-paying Filipinos and other East Asians are forced to wait for decades in legal queues for legal entry to the States, why should Mexicans have the "right" to violate our borders with impunity?

But then, we must remember that with leaders of the caliber of Fox and Calderon, who wouldn't want to get the hell out of Mexico?

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Glaivester said...

I really hate Vincente Fox. I wish we had some politician who was willing to stand up and tell him off.