Monday, October 16, 2006

Suki Kim on the Real North Korea

Suki Kim has a sorrowful piece in today's WSJ, the sort of piece leftist liberal rags like the NYT or LAT would never publish, as it places their statist agenda in a real-world context where the deaths of millions from starvation matters nothing---and it's Bush's fault that the miniature mini-me madman in Pyongyang detonated a nuclear device.

Click on the link and weep for humanity---while Kofi Screw-Up says the US should reward this monkey-man for his impunity by having direct talks with N. Korea. I believe Glenn Beck on CNN would make a better Secretary of State than the idiot now leaving the SecGen post. Here is an excerpt from the WSJ piece:
Just last month, the World Food Program launched an appeal for more funds to fight the food shortage in North Korea, worsened by the August flood that had, according to the state's figures, killed and left homeless hundreds, although various human rights groups claim numbers closer to hundreds of thousands if not millions. Over a third of all children are reported to be malnourished. According to Amnesty International, 400,000 have perished from political persecution; 150,000 are still held in underground concentration camps. Since the much condemned July 4 missile tests, humanitarian aid has been cut drastically.
In the 1970s, South Korean propaganda posters of starving children were forced upon us to show that North Korea was hell on earth and that its leader was a selfish, ruthless despot. In the decades since, during which time a famine killed over a tenth of North Korea's 23 million people, not much has changed at all. The 38th Parallel is still there. The most the Bush administration has done in its diplomatic strategy about North Korea is to call it evil. The peace talks are continuously stalled. The U.N. is in yet another emergency huddle to figure out a way of handling the problem. Now that North Korea claims to be a nuclear power, what will be different?

In the meantime, the Siberian winter is quickly approaching for the people of North Korea, where heat and food are scarcer than ever. The Rodong Sinmun headlines after the nuclear test revealed just one brief congratulatory paragraph on the success of the test, which has turned the rest of the world upside down. The other articles were about the floral baskets delivered to their Great Leader from the various communist parties of China, Laos and Cuba.

Too bad Kofi Screw-Up's Korean successor has a mush-minded attitude about rewarding tyrants for their flouting of UN and Non-Proliferation guidelines. Maybe Annan and Moon are drinking that thousand-dollar-a-bottle French cognac that Dear Leader guzzles like water.

The US once again finds itself the only---or one of the few---responsible members of the world community.

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