Monday, October 16, 2006

Russia Run By Murder Inc, Putin Just Stands By and Watches

Russia has little freedom of speech remaining, nor business competition, at the rate that press and business people are being gunned down on a daily basis in Moscow.

And that dwarf Stalin-wannabe meets with the EU in Finland today to meddle in their barely politic inter-relations.

When GWB looked down into the five-two shortpants KGB colonel, he thought he could see someone he could understand. Perhaps it was a glint in the lil fellow's eye, but GWB should have kept his observations to himself.

The Russian/Moscow police are not falling all over themselves to solve these killings, a list of notables that any country cannot lose without becoming less for the loss.

But that doesn't matter to Putin's KGB cronies, who are rich enough that they can contract out killings instead of doing it themselves in the old days of the USSR!

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