Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Unhinged Cacique Chavez Supports Narco-State as UNSC Replacement

The Coca-Czar of Bolivia said that "Comandante" Chavez has just called him to say that the Venezuelans are throwing their immoral authority behind Bolivia as a "compromise candidate" in the long-running election battle between Guatemala and the Venz for a UN Security Council seat. The UN General Assembly has been unable to get a two-thirds majority for either one, and Guatemala is still about forty votes in the lead in the interminable balloting.

For Latin America to okay putting a country which has just elected a narcotics grower as a populist president into a UNSC member would make this section of the UN look very bad. Recall if you will that forty years ago, world economists believed that Latin America, which at the time had 25% of the GNP of the USA, would be the next burgeoning economic region in the world economy. Today it is 20% of the US economy while East and South Asia make giant strides to First World status. Only Chile has done well, with Colombia and Brazil and Argentina lagging far behind the high expectations once held for their political economies.

Magical realism, miracle cures, populist caudillos, ethnic caciques, elitist kleptocracies have all done their worst, and Castroism's dead hand has been an anchor on some economies.

The Latin American caucus must decide on which candidate to put forward. Chile might be an acceptable compromise choice for the US, for Chile does not have the reputation of being an American satrapy that Guatemalans are sometimes called. And at the same time, Chile detests the populist gibberish spouted by "comandantes" like Chavez and narco-lords like Evo Morales, the Bolivian president.

Sadly, most Latin American countries, like Brazil, will perpetually be the "country of the future."

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