Friday, October 27, 2006

New Orleans dismemberment apes Black Dahlia

By a strange occurrence that Carl Gustav Jung might have called an instance of synchronicity, I just finished watching a History Channel program on "Perfect Crimes" treating the notorious Black Dahlia murder when I got on Drudge and saw another dismemberment saga still in the news.

It turns out that a suspicious chain of circumstances recently unearthed by a sleuth named Harnisch has linked the Black Dahlia possibly with a distinguished M.D. named Walter Bayley who had been Chief Surgeon at LA's biggest hospital and whose estranged wife lived about a block from where the unfortunate Betty Short's nude dismembered body was found. Bayley died less than a year after the crime, his live-in lover was left most of the estate, and his estranged wife sued for the estate, charging that the Doc's lover had compelled him to leave her his estate because she knew of a "terrible secret" about the esteemed Dr. Bayley. The expertly carved-up body was dumped near Mrs. Bayley's suburban digs because Dr. Bayley was obsessively determined to shame her in some way, according to Harnisch's theory.

The New Orleans saga is less mysterious, and involves drugs, alcohol, high living and French Quarter low-life---a recipe for disaster that anyone with a sliver of common sense could see might occur in the post-Katrina N0LA environment. But the dismemberment---by a refugee from LA, no less---fits right into a life-style that thinks voodoo is just another form of self-expression.

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