Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fox TV Network Now Begins to Dominate; WSJ Another Murdoch entity Now on Top; And Beck, Lavin Should both get a Shot at Prime Time!!& ???

Fox TV is getting a hot World Series and NFL football lineup that might allow it to pass up CBS on total viewers. The Wall Street Journal just climbed over USA Today to become the biggest US newspaper in circulation. And Keith Olbermann's obnoxious rants are finally dragging [P]MSNBC's cable news operation down to CNN's subbasement level just where it belongs. CNN is merely corrupt and one-sided. Olbermann's rantfests are mean-spirited demonstrations of an active mental illness beginning to surpass itself in vicious dishonesty.

Which got Keith-O an invitation to a closed session with the retarded moron the country has to constitutionally accept, barring impeachement, as the C-in-Chief of the [formerly] Greatest Nation in the world---Dear Leader Brobambi. Baghdad Bob Gibbs shows that Scott McClellan can be exceeded in vapid moronic stupidity in the WH Spokesman job.

Finally, as I noted recently, FoxNEWS has got to do something with Glenn Beck because his 3,111,000 viewers at 5PM exceed the combined viewership of K-O & his "sport-of-nature" sidekick Maddow cume in all four hours. And Mark Lavin, who has sold a million copies of "Liberty & Tyranny," should be given a shot on FoxNEWS at some point to see if his linebacker body in a tiny voice might work on cable talk shows.

WSJ Passes USAToday as Top Circulation US Newspaper

Editor & Publisher buried the lede down to the fourth para, second sentence in the article linked above. Here's the bad news for the Old Grey Lady Tabloid Streetwalker & the rest of the Lefty Fishwrap Birdcage bottom dead-tree @ss-wipe material:
Circulation at many of the country's largest newspapers continued a steep slide as the Audit Bureau of Circulations Monday morning released the latest figures for the six months ending September 2009 -- proving yet again that the industry can't shake the dramatic declines that have taken hold over the past several years.

On a comparable basis, ABC reported that for the 379 newspapers filing with the organization, average daily circulation plunged 10.6% to 30,395,652 -- one of the most severe drops in overall circulation. Sunday circulation for 562 reporting newspapers was down 7.4% to 40,012,253.

Check out E&P's list of the top 25 daily papers in the nation by circ, here. Go here for a list of the top 25 papers on Sunday. And For a list of the top 10 gainers this time around, go here.

USA Today had earlier announced a 17% hit. The Wall Street Journal overtook USA Today as the No. 1 daily in the country, according to ABC. Circulation at the Journal was up slightly, 0.6% to 2,024,269.

Here are the top ten gainers:
YORK (PA.) DAILY RECORD -- 55,370 -- 16.45%
WOMEN'S WEAR DAILY -- 53,142 -- 14.31%
THE OAKLAND (MICH.) PRESS -- 68,067 -- 7.26%
LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL -- 175,841 -- 6.56%

NEW HAVEN (CONN.) REGISTER -- 70,559 -- 0.79%
MOBILE (ALA.) PRESS-REGISTER -- 92,849 -- 0.75%
THE WALL STREET JOURNAL -- 2,024,269 -- 0.61%
THE FORUM, FARGO, N.D. -- 50,131 -- 0.39%

Only a dishonest libtard blog like E&P would not note that the amount the WSJ gained was probably more than all the rest of the tiny publications listed combined, if counted in numerical rather than a percentage basis.
Here are the top 25 LOSERS:
USA Today had earlier announced a 17% hit. The Wall Street Journal overtook USA Today as the No. 1 daily in the country, according to ABC. Circulation at the Journal was up slightly, 0.6% to 2,024,269.

Compared to the same six-month period ending September 2008, daily (Monday-Friday) circulation at The New York Times is down 7.2% to 927,851. Sunday fell 2.6% to 1,400,302.

The Los Angeles Times reported its daily circ is off 11% to 657,467 and 6.7% on Sunday to 983,702.

Daily circ at The Washington Post fell 6.4% to 582,844 while Sunday was down 5% to 822,208.

Daily circ at the Chicago Tribune decreased 9.7% to 465,892. Sunday was down 7.1% to 803,220.

The San Francisco Chronicle lost more than a quarter of its daily circ, down 25.8% to 251,782. Sunday was off more than 22% to 306,705.

Daily at The Star-Ledger in Newark, N.J., dropped 22.2% to 246,006 and 18.5% on Sunday to 371,060.

The Boston Globe's daily circ decreased 18.4% to 264,105. Sunday lost 16.9% to 418,529.

Daily circulation at the Chicago Sun-Times dropped 12% to 275,641. Sunday circ at that paper fell 1.8% to 251,260. In a statement released this morning, the Sun-Times noted a price increase to 75 cents from 50 cents. Single-copy sales are down while daily home-delivered papers grew 5.5%.

The Miami Herald reported a daily circ decline of 23% to 162,260. Sunday fell 14.6% to 238,613.

Daily circ at The Plain Dealer in Cleveland was down 11.2% to 271,180, while Sunday was down 4.9% to 390,636.

Daily circulation at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis fell 5.5% to 304,543. Sunday was off 8.3% to 477,562.

In Houston, the Chronicle's daily circ declined 14.2% to 384,419 while Sunday fell 6.3% to 547,387.

Daily circ at The Arizona Republic in Phoenix fell 12.3% to 316,874. Sunday was almost flat (-0.8%) to 458,992.

The Baltimore Sun's daily circ dropped 14.7% to 186,639. Sunday declined 8% to 322,491.

The Orange County Register lost 10.1% of its daily circulation to 212,293. Sunday fell 3.4% to 288,174.

McClatchy and the NYT Co. claimed their revenues both gained at a rate of 6.7%, but anyone who believes anything coming out of Pinch Sulzberger's collapsing disinformation apparatus must have a bucket of hair perched on the top of their necks.

A mental defective "editor" of E&P named Greg Mitchell has a hilarious E&P article

concerning leaks about the Plame movie sponsored by serial movie loozer Sean Penn, another libtard high-school dropout who is making movies that lose more money than ever, but who keeps getting Oscar nominations from an industry that like its dead-tree counterpart in the news business, won't be around much longer.

The flick will be another platform for disseminating the libtard lies and urban legends the DNC RICO churns out to bamboozle the half-wits that call themselves the "reality-based community."

Like Pinch Sulzberger, Harvey Weinstein and the other ultra-left Hollyweird retardos are committing some sort of elaborate public suicide ritual which amuses people unable to appreciate the subtle nuanced "reality-based copmunity's" pathetic propagation of hoaxes and support for criminal organizations like ACORN & MediaMutters & other polymorphous perversions of the political scene in the US.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Russians Violate Missile Treaty, Obama Pulls Missile Defense Out of Poland & Czech Republic: Tit for What?

The Washington Times has an article on Russian violations of the START treaty, which is due to end this year. Dear Leader Bow-to-His-Betters already yanked the Missile Sites designed to protect Europe from Iranian missiles, albeit to soothe the Russian neo-Stalinist Putin. In return, of course, Brobambi got nothing. And Hilarious, his SecState, presented a "RESET" button to Moscow's leaders with a mistranslated term. And, of course, the missile site yanking from Poland was thoughtlessly done on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Eastern Poland in collusion with Stalin's mirror-image Adolf Hitler.

What does the Russian leadership think of the US Vice President in Romania, preaching NATO steadfastness in the face of a neo-Soviet Russia?

Actions always speak louder than words.

Pope Invites Conservative Anglicans to Merge

The Economist has an interesting article which won't be noted in the US press, now totally encased in a secular materialist Marxist-Leninist thought cocoon, about putting the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, into an even more absurd position than the causes he espouses, such as Shar'ia Law for Muslims in England.
The pope’s scheme will make it even harder for the Anglican leader to sustain an already difficult balancing act. To keep his worldwide Communion together, he is hewing to a relatively conservative line on homosexuality that would involve gay-friendly Americans settling for a sort of associate status. But in his own Church, he has gone along with a liberal policy on women. Preparations are in train for the ordination of female bishops. And there is likely to be an end to the procedural devices allowing traditionalist clergy to avoid serving alongside (or, in future, under) women. That may have persuaded the Vatican to act: it had to decide how to respond to conservatives who felt the Church of England was about to make their position untenable.

Hitherto, an uneasy alliance of low-church evangelicals and Anglo-Catholics has struggled to resist liberal Anglicanism. “This will change the balance in the Church of England in favour of the liberals,” says Jonathan Bartley of Ekklesia, a think-tank. “The evangelicals won’t go to Rome and they may now be abandoned by their Anglo-Catholic allies.” Some think (or fear) that as many as one in seven Church of England priests could convert.

However, in balance, allowing large numbers of married Anglican priests to enter the RC communion will present another large reason for diocesan priests in the Catholic Church to themselves be allowed to marry.

Tom Fingar, Traitor or Obama's Butt Boy?

Iran has a secret facility that the US and France knew about for three years before outing Iran at the Pittsburgh summit, after Sarkozy, whose country had developed the intelligence had been begged by Obama not to break the news at the UN.

Recently, I was watching a half-wit female on World Focus explain, after all this, how the NIE assessment in 2007 meant the Iranians weren't developing nukes. Dallywally was the biyotch disinformation libtard who replaced a better "anchor" named Savage who was more balanced on issues. It seems only libtards can be anchors on PBS programs. So the NIE lie has a thousand rebirths, especially from the libtard lefties who repeat it, as Dallywally did, long after the NIE assessment has been proven false.

Fingar is unapologetic for being a traitor. And here is Ken Timmerman's take:
Some of the analysts who worked on the December 2007 NIE have told reporters that they felt an overwhelming sense of political responsibility in drafting their report: to make sure they didn’t give President George W. Bush an excuse for launching military strikes on Iran.

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger publicly chided the analysts who wrote the NIE for politicizing intelligence. They saw themselves as “a kind of check on, instead of a part of, the executive branch,” Kissinger said. He excoriated them for seeking to become “surrogate policy-makers and advocates,” instead of analysts.

The goal of the analysts writing the NIE was widely seen as tying the hands of President George W. Bush on Iran and specifically taking a military option off the table.

Former State Department intelligence analyst Tom Fingar, who coordinated the NIE, told an audience at the New Americas Foundation that the Iran NIE had been written and rewritten by June 2007, but that he and other analysts weren’t pleased with it because it repeated earlier estimates that Iran was continuing to pursue nuclear weapons.

Fingar intimated that he was afraid this conclusion would give the Bush administration an excuse to launch military strikes on Iran, so he said he held the report, hoping something would come up.

“Then we got new information — significant new information,” Fingar said. “And then a lot more information came in,” causing the CIA analysts to look at everything they thought they knew “in the light of the new information.”

The dramatically rewritten estimate now concluded that Iran had shut down its nuclear weapons program, and appeared to have been based on information that Asghari provided to the CIA during debriefings.

Sources who read the 1,500 source notes to the 140-page report said that its most dramatic assertion was based on “a single, unvetted source,” most likely Asghari.

But when Newsmax asked Asghari personally through a trusted intermediary how he felt about the way the information he had provided the CIA had been used in the NIE, his response was startling.

“That’s not what I told the CIA,” he said. “I didn’t tell them that the nuclear weapons program had been shut down, but that it was ongoing.”

Congressional Republicans are now calling on the intelligence community to review the December 2007 NIE using a “red team” of outside analysts.

An intelligence community fact sheet on the Qom enrichment facility released by the White House recently claimed that the new information on Qom “does not contradict our 2007 assessment of Iran’s nuclear program.”

It seems that the "intelligence community" has not learned from its treasonous undermining of Bush and that the White House might be happy to be fed misinformation that reinforces its own cowardly agenda.

Fingar, of course, is in think tank heaven, and Panetta cannot control the pro-Jihadist wing of his own CIA.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Granholm Gives Michigan the Canuckistan Disease

Border-Jumper Canuck Granholm thankfully cannot spread her mental disability acquired in the Great White North by running for national office. So she spreads her blight of Canadian DNA called taxation without real representation to the hapless former prosperity zone called Michigan. Whose economy resembles its NFL franchise.

The idea is to put as many as possible freeloading "faineant" worthless public employees as possible onto the relief roll known as the Michigan public sector:
Following her 2007 misadventure, Ms. Granholm promised: "I'm not ever going to raise taxes again." That pledge lasted about 18 months. Now she wants $600 million more. Among the ideas under consideration: an income tax increase with a higher top rate, a sales tax on services, a freeze on the personal income tax exemption (which would be a stealth inflation tax on all Michigan families), a 3% surtax on doctors, and fees on bottled water and cigarettes. To their credit, Republicans who control the Michigan Senate are holding out for a repeal of the 22% business tax surcharge.

As for Ms. Granholm, she and House speaker Andy Dillon continue to bow to public-sector unions. There are now 637,000 public employees in Michigan compared to fewer than 500,000 workers left in manufacturing. Government is the largest employer in the state, but the number of taxpayers to support these government workers is shrinking. The budget deadline is November 1, and Ms. Granholm is holding out for tax increases rather than paring back state government.

Looks like Michigan will be the first major state run for and by parasites and feeders at the public trough. Barnyard animals and their attendant fleas, flies, and intestinal tapeworms all members of the SEIU.

Obama Narcissism Demands Total Fealty---Or First Amendment Goes Out the Window!

Steve Huntley screams from the housetops in Chicago, a city that knows very well what a shallow pretender this cream-puff POTUS is:
Have you heard the news? President Obama inherited an economic mess from the Bush administration.
You say that's hardly news? But it's been the message sounded over and over by the White House. Top Obama adviser David Axelrod said on one of the Sunday news shows, "He walked in the door, we had the worst economy since the Great Depression." In San Francisco, Obama talked of being "busy with our mop." White House heavy hitter Rahm Emanuel used the worst-economy-since-the-Depression line on a public TV news show.

You'd think it's October 2008, the final month in the Obama presidential candidacy, rather than October 2009, nine months into the Obama presidency. Yet the Obama White House is in full campaign mode -- maybe because it needs to mask the shortcomings of the Obama presidency.

Take, for example, all the talk of inheriting the worst economy since the 1930s crisis. That came in response to the news that the federal deficit hit $1.4 trillion.

Yet just a few months ago, the Obama camp was singing a little different tune. It was under criticism for the $787 billion stimulus package it bulldozed through Congress on grounds that massive spending was needed to keep the unemployment rate from breaching 8 percent. When joblessness hit 9.5 percent in June, Vice President Joe Biden said, "We misread how bad the economy was."

They inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression, or the economy turned out to be worse than they thought. Which is it? It can't be both -- unless your brain is completely addled by the Obama charisma.

Obama is still popular, but polls show the public losing faith in his policies. Another indicator was a ''Saturday Night Live'' skit lampooning Obama for the major accomplishments of his administration -- "jack and squat." If the honeymoon is ending with the American voter, it isn't for obsequious elements of the mainstream media. CNN prostrated itself by fact-checking the ''SNL'' comedy skit.

But that's harmless compared to the virulent campaign against Obama critics carried out by the denizens of MSNBC. Its Obama acolytes seek to demonize opponents of Obama's policies by focusing on most marginal corners of right-wing politics like, for example, the "birthers" who deny Obama is a natural born citizen. The larger scheme is to imply Obama critics are racists.

That's the backdrop to the story of Rush Limbaugh getting booted from a group bidding to buy the St. Louis Rams. He was smeared on CNN and MSNBC with false accusations of making two racist comments. He is an abrasive critic of Obama, so he must be racist, or so goes the left-wing story line. I wouldn't defend everything Limbaugh has ever said, but lies were used to blacklist him from professional football for his political views.

Recently an MSNBC personality accused the U.S. Chamber of Commerce of lobbying for policies that amount to being "treasonous to this country." Remember how liberals roared in outrage at any hint of their patriotism being questioned for criticizing the Iraq War? Well, it's the left that doesn't shy from attacking the patriotism of those it dislikes. Recall the repulsive "General Betray-us" ad against Iraq commander Gen. David Petraeus. Recent opposition to Chicago's Olympic bid was cast as a sign of a lack of patriotism among Obama critics.

The MSNBC blast against the chamber appears to dovetail with what the Politico newspaper reports is a White House and Democratic effort "to marginalize" the business organization. That echoes the administration assault on the Fox News Channel: It says Fox isn't a news organization.

The White House trying to dictate who's a news organization. Democrats out to gut a business group. Obama media allies damning Americans as racist, unpatriotic and treasonous. Is this the America Obama promised when he campaigned to end the cynical and divisive politics of the past?

Baghdad Bob Gibbs should take note of this article being from the Chicago Sun-Times.

Except for CNN cretin-in-chief Klein & his houseboy Wolfie B., everyone except [P]MSNBC gets it on air.

"You don't have to be a weatherman to ......." And I guess now we know the ghost who wrote "Dreams of My Alcoholic Bigamist Daddy."

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Beck-Basher Wehner Now Finds Glenn Helpful in Outing Dunn's Maoism

Peter Wehner elsewhere critiqued Glenn Beck as harmful to Conservatism, but from what I've seen of GB, methinks Peter may really be subliminally messaging that Glenn is not helping Republicans of his own ilk, you know, those compromise-seeking types like Gerson, Crist, Graham, Gingrich, and other RINOs who see the Republicans' present problems as stemming from not being accommodating enough with radicals bending the Constitution and ramming ridiculous legislation in a spasm of tyranny of the majority.

The Dems see that the 2010 elections will soon remove the DNC & Chicago Political Machine's boot from the nation's throat---now that ACORN is not handling significant parts of the census-taking which would usher in spectacular gerrymandering which might ensure a Dem House majority even in states which are predominantly conservative. Happily, Breitman's Big Government blog published the courageous underground journalism of Hannah Giles and her "pimp" carrying hidden cameras. Andrew B. & Matt Drudge have taken over FOX's job of offering real investigative journalism to the public, by the only means possible in an era of drive-by media unournalism. Not reporting over 700,000 tea party demonstrators in September to any serious extent was a monstrous demonstration of sheer bigotry by the networks and the unwatched cables. FoxNEWS did show up for that major event.

As a thought experiment, can you remember the burbling and gushing over the Million Man March, led by an anti-Semitic paramilitary generalissimo and then rationally compare that to the thundering silence over an equally large event? [This is real irony, not the Anita Dunn sophomoric silliness]

Wehner quotes Penn Scholar Arthur Waldron's summary of Mao:
Mao was the greatest mass murderer of the 20th century. Much of the killing was direct, as in the torture and purges at Yan’an. After the Communist seizure of power in 1949, the practice became countrywide. Mao set his numerical targets openly, and stressed the ‘revolutionary’ importance of killing.” It is said of Mao — who was responsible for the death of some 70 million Chinese — that he derived a “sadistic pleasure” from seeing people put to death in horrible ways.

1'm sure Anita could also "ironically" find a half dozen reasons to call Joe Stalin one of her favorite political philosophers, or perhaps even Adolf Hitler on the importance of an immensely overpoweringly strong central government. Sure they weren't "philosophers," as Anita now protests in contending that one, the conservatives didn't get the "joke" and two, that she was filching from Lee Atwater, where she unconvincingly claims that she found the quote.

Yeah, Anita, Mao Zedong wasn't a political philosopher and that's why hundreds of millions of Chinese were forced to carry around his "little red book" of quotations. Just like she wants the US media to fawn and grovel uncritically in front of the utterances of her Lord and Master, Dear Leader Brobambi.

I wonder if she would finds it was "ironic" from the speech footage that she appeared to be a gullible disciple of Totalitarian politics who actually bought into the Chairman & his genocidal policies. I'll see her irony and raise her with a "joke" that Mao's politics are sort of like "death panels" for the landowners and political opponents that our ObamaCare will supply to our overaged and unproductive parasites over sixty-five who perhaps should be sent to work camps or gulags to continue to be useful citizens.

Of course, already the NYT gatekeepers and media minders like the NYT's Cheryl Stolberg are scolding us uncomprehending masses for taking Dunn's lunacy seriously. The JournoList listserv agitprop serfs are at the moment preparing a combined operations counterattack to Glenn's impertinence in electronic and print circles which spanks Glenn roundly for his inability to savor Anita's deep sense of literary theater in her high school homily.

Or maytbe, just maybe, this woman is simply a freak holdover from the sixties, and an embarrassment to every Democrat with a triple-digit IQ.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Harry Stein on Liberal Fascist "Racism" of Lower Expectations

The cry of "Racism" is a conversational hand grenade thrown by Liberal Fascists when they are being proven wrong, as they invariably usually are, on any number of issues. In a brilliant article in City Journal, Harry Stein expatiates:
.....those liberals who’ve lately been issuing the racism charge so promiscuously (speaking of aberrant hearts and minds) are aiming it not at skinheads living in their parents’ basements or at would-be Klansmen, but at decent Americans with the temerity to object to presidential policies that they believe would damage both the quality of their lives and the nation itself: in short, at Americans acting in the best tradition of democratic citizenship. This is so preposterous that literally millions who’ve never before given the matter any thought are taking notice.

And what they see is what has long been true: that the charge of racism is invariably a crock; indeed, that more than simply an expression of (often contrived) liberal moral outrage, it’s intended to be the ultimate conversation stopper. Ward Connerly, long the leader of the fight against racial preferences in America, observes that he’s had the experience more times than he cares to count of speaking before an audience, knowing that 99 of 100 people agree with him. “But if there’s one angry black person in the audience who disagrees,” he says, “that person controls the room. He’ll go on about the last 400 years, and institutional racism, and ‘driving while black,’ and the other 99 will just sit there and fold like a cheap accordion.” And Connerly is black himself. For the liberal opinion makers and trend setters who’ve set themselves up as America’s racial referees, the accused racist is always presumed to be guilty of at least something.
[my emph]
Ward Connerly and Michael Steele are true gentlemen and scholars. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are racist pimps and shakedown hustlers. Given the present state of American politics, guess who gets the face time and fawning "respect" from pseudo-journalists like Tweety Bird Matthews and DUI hit-and-run CNN drunk Rick Sanchez? [The NFL suspends players for DUI malfeasance, CNN promotes them!] But I digress. Harry Stein implies that Obama himself is responsible for much of the toxic sewage floating at ordinary Americans from anointed gatekeepers on the Upper West Side:
Countless ordinary Americans are tired of being called racists for no other reason than that their political and social beliefs are uncongenial to those on America’s college campuses or New York’s Upper West Side. President Obama himself may have set this seismic shift in motion in July with his off-the-cuff and wholly inaccurate attribution of racism to a decent Cambridge cop for the sin of doing his job. But the latest spate of charges from his surrogates is the topper. Here’s hoping it leads to the honest conversation on race that Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, claims to want.

Harry follows through with a nice little disquisition on tit versus tat:
That conversation is long overdue, so let’s have at it. Let’s talk, for starters, about the shocking double standard in the way liberals and conservatives are allowed to deal with race and racism. Why is it okay for liberals to belittle Clarence Thomas endlessly as an Uncle Tom? And how does liberal cartoonist Ted Rall get away with calling Condoleezza Rice a “house nigga,” and his colleague Jeff Danziger with drawing her as a mammy in a caricature as cruelly demeaning as anything in Julius Streicher’s Der Stürmer?

Let’s talk, too, about racial profiling—and start paying appropriate attention to the statistical evidence cited by Heather Mac Donald establishing that the disproportionate arrest and incarceration rates of minorities are explained not by racism but by disproportionate rates of criminality. Let’s talk about how American business has long been subject to blackmail by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton in the name of social justice, and about the many other ways in which the regime of racial preferences has sowed division and corruption in this country. Let’s talk about how even after the Duke rape fiasco, the media continue to give credence to every racism charge; indeed, how just this week, vicious (and transparently phony) statements about race attributed to Rush Limbaugh uncritically disseminated by mainstream outlets helped sink Limbaugh’s bid for NFL ownership. And yes, let’s talk about white liberal bigotry, the bigotry of low expectations, and how it cripples and demeans those it supposedly aims to help. Exhibit A might be the recent call by the Tucson Unified School District to revamp its disciplinary system to cut down on the suspensions and expulsions of minority students (but not white ones) so that the numbers reveal “no ethnic/racial disparities.”

Libtard Fascists like Ezra Klein get promoted to Washington Post and TV celebtard status by gatekeeper hypocrite-in-chief Charlie Rose, who never met a leftist ass he didn't want to kiss, or at least dance to each cheek. PBS Liberal Fascist convicted DUI offender [though unlike Sanchez, not a hit-and-run perp] Bill Moyers still refuses to give Robert Caro an interview about his homophobe days as LBJ's gatekeeper---when he was still a "Baptist minister" and not a con-man shill for social diseases of the mind. But that's okay for girly-man Charlie Rose, whose conservative guests are as unlikely as the proverbial Black Swan, to appear on his table of left-tilted ping with no pong. Meanwhile, Harry Stein hits the proverbial walk-off home-run when he notes:
Are such conversations possible in contemporary America? With the liberals’ racism charge losing its power to intimidate and silence, there is at least some hope. Because finally, more and more of us are getting the message that it’s the fear of having these conversations that is truly racist.
[my emph]

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Steyn on Dying Monodailies' Support of Fake Quotes

Mark Steyn quotes The Daily Telegraph which bodyslams an MSM socialist/communist creep in the defunct-to-be St. Louis P-D:
Even those who have been primary movers in spreading these malicious falsehoods – which would lead to payouts of hundreds of thousands in British libel courts if lawsuits were ever filed there – are brazenly unapologetic. Thus, St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bryan Burwell pens this column containing the slavery quote and then follows up with another column with a kind-of-sort-of-well-not-really-at-all mea culpa in which he states that the quote seemed “so in character with the many things that Limbaugh has said before that we didn’t verify it beyond the book”.

OK, so it sounded right and it was on the internet or in a book or something so it was fine to just go ahead and print it as stone-cold fact without any attribution? I wonder which journalism school teaches that?

And Burwell caps it off by implying – nudge, nudge, wink, wink – that Limbaugh’s really lying: “Fine, let’s play along for the time being and take him at his word that he was inaccurately quoted in the Huberman book.” I’m no fan of British libel laws but, again, if that had been printed in the UK it would have led to a hefty payout for aggravated damages.

Slime-sucking pond-scum specimens like Burwell are addicts to sniffing their own flatulence for fart-high exuberance and no libel laws to curb their sick perversions. But Mark bids a fishwrap, bird-cage bottom rag like the SLPD adieu with no respect, and he accords scorn to the Soros-financed agitprop garbage dump Media Mutters thusly:
Meanwhile, the geniuses at Media Matters say: You want chapter-and-verse on those "Slavery was great/Give James Earl Ray the Medal of Honor" quotes? Okay, here's some stuff Limbaugh has said about Obama . . .

The race deck is all trump cards:

Step One: You can't say that. It's racist.

So you don't. Next:

Step Two: You're using "code language".

As I always say, "code language" is code language for "I’m inventing what you really meant to say because the actual quote doesn’t quite do the job for me." Still, you steer clear of "code language." So then:

Step Three: We'll just concoct it out of whole cloth, and, after running for a week with "Slavery Advocate Wants Medal of Honor for MLK Killer", our fact-checkers will confirm the accuracy of that statement by citing something you said about Donovan McNabb or Obama's economic policy. Close enough.

PS Can Rush buy the St Louis Rams if he gets Roman Polanski to front the deal?

David Brock and his Cornhole Queenies at M&M deserve a good libel suit in the UK. I'd love to see Soros, regarded as a criminal like Bernie Madoff in London, get his pet boytoys sued out of their knickers, something these pervs would probably enjoy!

Sugar Daddy-in-Chief Obama Uses Rush Limbaugh as Distraction, Jukes & Jives on ObamaCare

Karl Rove reminds us of the basic rule of politics:
Your arguments have to be clear and credible if voters are to believe them.

and Karl goes on to note that:
His attempt to sell health care is neither. He still may win passage of a bill, but he's lost the public's enthusiastic backing.

The Drive-by Media will continue to pump helium into this vacuous talking machine, but the air keeps leaking out of his tires because his now you see it, now you don't jukes and jives and jinking [sorry to mix music & athletic metaphors!] don't impress intelligent voters. Especially the Independents who are deserting this clown in droves. Karl points out the legislative and budgetary prestidigitation Baucus & Schumer & other raiders on the US Treasury are employing to generate numbers that don't raid the deficit.
One trick is easily explained. The bill imposes tax hikes and benefit cuts right away, including $121 billion of Medicare reductions between 2011 and 2015. But new spending really doesn't start until five years out (2015) and isn't fully operational until 2017. The bill uses 10 years worth of tax hikes and benefit cuts to fund a few years worth of benefits.

...that's just the start. For example, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a report last week claiming the bill won't add to the deficit. But this assumes that employers who dump employee coverage under the Baucus bill will then increase worker paychecks by an amount equal to what they had spent on health care. This replaces a nontaxable event (providing health insurance) with a taxable one (increasing worker paychecks), magically producing $83 billion in revenues. Without this windfall, the Baucus bill adds billions of dollars to the federal deficit in the first decade.....Of course, why would a company drop employee coverage just so it could pay more (in fines, taxes and wages) than it did before?

The CBO report also estimates that receipts from the 40% excise tax the Baucus bill would levy on "Cadillac" insurance policies "would grow by roughly 10 percent to 15 percent" a year after 2019.....That's nonsense. If you tax something heavily you'll get less of it. If this tax is enacted, there will be fewer Cadillac plans—and hence less revenue.

Under questioning at a Senate hearing Tuesday, CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf admitted that the $500 billion in tax hikes in the Baucus bill would be passed onto consumers, jacking up insurance premiums. That undercuts the argument that Democratic reforms will make health care more affordable.

The governors have reason to pause:
Some governors are also figuring out that the proposal in the Baucus bill to expand Medicaid will shift a big chunk of the federal health-care tab to states. States, after all, pick up an average of 47% of Medicaid's costs—and expanding it will force states to spend more.

As do the elderly & medical doctors specializing in geriatric medicine:
Then there are $400 billion in benefit cuts that are frightening seniors. Jeffrey A. Anderson of the Pacific Research Institute has pointed out that the Baucus bill cuts Medicare payments to physicians by 25% within two years and keeps payments at that level forever, without adjusting for inflation. If this becomes law, doctors who take Medicare patients will see their real income decline each year.

Rove sums up the political cost to the Democrats who are being railroaded by fast and loose botox-brains [House] and crooked lobbyists [Senate] into a suicidal final bill:
Democrats who support any final bill are at risk. They'll be held responsible for the mess that quickly emerges as premiums rise, taxes balloon, deficits soar, mandates expand, and government power grows.

Mr. Obama's problem is that his Magic Kingdom Health Care World is colliding with reality. There is a big cost to any large government expansion—and the ways to cover the cost of Mr. Obama's plan are limited, unpopular, and sure to anger Americans once they are fully understood.

The sophomoric Sugar Daddy in Chief meanwhile sics his media go-fers in the cable & net DNC MSM to attack Rush Limbaugh whose audience now is greater than all the net & cable watchers combined, at least the commentary versions---creepy toads like Matthews and the drunk DUI hit-and-run CNN freak Sanchez have to bait and taunt Rush-bo with lies about fake quotes, etc.... just to generate attention---AWAY FROM OBAMACARE's RIDUNKULOUS FABRICATIONS on health care.

Like Clinton, Brobambi is an eternal campaigner. Like Carter, he is a total eff-up.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why GWB reads more and was more qualified for a Nobel than the Simpleton in the Oval Office at the Moment

John Lewis Gaddis is America's greatest living historian and read the above for an interesting piece on why this is true.

Girly-Man Obama Afraid to Bring Up Iran Sanctions with Russia?

The four-women-out-of-five Nobel Panelists in Oslo probably gave Obama that Faint Praise Peace Prize for cowering again in the face of opposition, this time in New York after Medvedev of Russia opined that sanctions against Iran are not very "effective," spurring Obama not even to bring them up with the Russians. This according to veteran Russia-watchers Dimitri Simes and James Collins in the link above.

So taking away the missile sites from Poland and the Czech Republic [in the process insulting Poland in a stupendously stupid anniversary boo-boo on the 70th year to the day after Stalin invaded Poland from the East] has had no effect on Russia vis-a-vis Iran, against which the missile sites were to protect the EU---themselves a cowering group of libtards eager only to avoid strife even if it means ethnic takeovers from illegal immigrants.

And Hilary Clinton will not be meeting PM Putin in Moscow today, as after the "reset" button mishap, he probably thinks she's as stupid as her boss Obama is cowardly.

I hope the Israelis bomb the s**t out of Iran and throw this pipsqueak POTUS of ours into a real girly-man hissy-fit.

A major blogress [who voted for Obama] called him "pussy-whipped."

After seeing the FRONTLINE piece on Afghanistan & Pakistan tonight, I don't think this cowardly specimen of metrosexuality hs a future in foreign policy that he'll be proud of.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama a Deer in Headlights Earns Nobel Peace for Cowering as Iran, North Korea Resemble "Axis of Evil" All over Again

The two planners above were overruled and Arafat was also a recipient along with Shimon & Yitzhak Rabin while a cowering Brobambi has done nothing except insult constitutional governments by reversing himself in the missile site promise which he proffered in April on the very anniversary 70 years later of the Soviet invasion of Eastern Poland, along with Stalin's mirror-image friend at the time Adolf Hitler.

You have to give it to this clownish pretender of a POTUS for timing, as he is simply impervious to irony or reality.

Megan McArdle Fisks the New Health Plan's Bogus Numbers

The Atlantic's Megan McArdle sticks up for truth, justice and the American Way, sort of, in exposing what one commenter calls ""technical refinements in their estimating procedures = Baucus and Rahm Emmanuel taking CBO to the woodshed until a more favorable number is produced."

When I saw a cretinous grin on the prognathic mug of a shortish CNN WH correspondent named Dana [What Mike Tyson Did to MY FACE!] while she intoned "there are VERY IMPORTANT changes in the CBO estimates, I knew that the RICO scammers in the WH had put the fear of God in the petty functionaries of the CBO, and James Taranto puts it in his roundup of the Afternoon Follies
"So Congress is going to reduce the deficit by increasing spending $829,000,000,000.00? Doesn't this sound like--well, a joke? Too good a joke to check, evidently.
Through what voodoo exactly does the CBO surmise Congress will cut the deficit while spending close to a trillion dollars? CNN does not even attempt to detail the argument:Instead we have to turn to Megan McArdle of The Atlantic::
most of the major components of the program are scheduled to either cost more, or raise less revenue . . . but overall, it's generating a bigger surplus. It's the healthcare economist's version of "We're losing money on every unit, but we'll make it up in volume!"

Going by the fairly sketchy description, virtually all of the extra benefit appears to come from estimating that employers will see their health care costs fall, mostly because they put those workers into federally subsidized programs, pass the resulting savings along to their workers in the form of higher wages and salaries, and that the Treasury will thereby gain, at a rough guess, about $12-15 billion a year in tax revenues.

This is somewhat confusing to me. The CBO seems to be assuming it will get just about 20% of the amount spent on subsidies back in the form of tax revenues. But the effective income tax rate on the quintiles covered by the subsidies, according to the CBO, is less than 5%. Perhaps the savings comes from the payroll tax, but even including the payroll tax, it's less than 15%. And the tax rates are directly proportional to the size of the income, while the subsidies are inversely proportional. I'm sure I'm missing something that would make the math work, but I can't figure out what.

Perhaps the 6'3" Megan should ask the 4'10" Robert Reich for an explanation based on his viewpoint from the rarified atmosphere of cloud-cuckoo-land, where he and econometric other giants like Enron Advisor [ret.] Paul Krugman breath the nitrous oxide that gives them the Olympian understanding to impart to us innumerate unwashed plebeians below that James Taranto refers to when he says:
Aw, c'mon, Megan, it's a joke! It isn't funny if you have to explain it!

Meanwhile, one poll has the American voter against ObamaCare, or the five versions of it, by a margin of 47-40%.

And a White House Press dude named Gibbs blames the press for Obama's negative image.....this guy actually makes the turncoat cretin Scott McClellan look competent in comparison.Yet another joke on Obama's unendiing campaign to win the hearts and minds of the American people. A double-digit IQ simpleton named Gibbs attacks the press for being anti-Obama. Who writes his stuff!?

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Obama "Wobbly" is a Good Moniker for this Coward

Obama took six months to reverse his committment to the Czech Republic & Poland on missile sites, and fewer than that to reverse his statement that there would be no investigation of CIA interrogation techniques. Now Gen. McChrystal is finding that this scaredy-boy joke of a POTUS elected by stupid women and gay men took only three months to reverse on Afghanistan:
Though a decorated Army four-star officer, the General's introduction to Beltway warfare is proving to be brutal. To be fair, Gen. McChrystal couldn't know that his Commander in Chief would go wobbly so soon on his commitment to him as well as to his own Afghan strategy when he was tapped for the job in AprilWe're told by people who know him that Gen. McChrystal "feels terrible" and "had no intention whatsoever of trying to lobby and influence" the Administration. His sense of bewilderment makes perfect sense anywhere but in the political battlefield of Washington. He was, after all, following orders.

But the Boy-Child in the Promised Land got the jitters and lost what little nerve he ever had:
Recall that in March Mr. Obama unveiled his "comprehensive new strategy . . . to reverse the Taliban's gains and promote a more capable and accountable Afghan government." The Commander in Chief pledged to properly resource this "war of necessity," which he also called during the 2008 campaign "the central front on terror." The President then sacked his war commander, who had been chosen by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, in favor of Gen. McChrystal, an expert in counterinsurgency.

Upon arriving in June, Gen. McChrystal launched his assessment of the forces required to execute the Obama strategy. His confidential study was completed in August and sent to the Pentagon. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Michael Mullen told Congress that more troops would be needed, and a figure of 30,000-40,000 was bandied about.

The figure has clearly spooked the Administration. Soon after, Gen. McChrystal's confidential report was leaked to the Washington Post by, well, you'll have to ask Bob Woodward. The report said that the U.S. urgently needs to reverse a "deteriorating" security situation. Soon the full retreat began in Washington, led by a vocal group within the Administration that wants to scale back the mission. The White House told the Pentagon to hold off asking for troops and Gen. McChrystal not to testify to Congress. Remarkably, President Obama mused on the Sunday talks shows, "Are we doing the right thing?"

This gutless Boy-Child is now sending the MSM lackeys and suck-ups after McChrystal, while America's allies scratch their heads and Putin and other enemies of our country snicker into their cuffs at the arrant cowardice of the US C-in-"C. When it comes to a choice between national security and the political career of this Boy-Child, there's a littler hesitation, but not for long. Of course, it's Pakistan that is the keystone to stopping the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, and Neville Obama doesn't seem to care any more if he loses Robo-Botox as Queen of the House:
The sudden Afghan rethink also jeopardizes progress in Pakistan, the world's leading sanctuary for al Qaeda. The Pakistani willingness to expand American drone strikes and launch a military campaign in their tribal regions dates squarely to the Administration's recommitment to the region. Now that Mr. Obama is having second thoughts, so might the Pakistanis.

The President's very public waver is already doing strategic harm. The Taliban are getting a morale boost and claiming victory, while our allies in Europe have one more reason to rethink their own deployments. Such a victory, as the head of the British army Sir David Richards warned on Sunday, would have an "intoxicating effect" on extremist Islam around the world.

Commanders in Chief can change their minds. George W. Bush waited too long to embrace the "surge." He had private doubts when the casualties also surged in 2007, but he gave the new approach a chance to succeed. Mr. Obama is blinking even before all the additional troops he ordered to Afghanistan have had time to deploy to the theater.

Pre-emptive blinking is the case with this gutless Narcissistic prettyboy. And then there's empty-headed Biden:
Gen. McChrystal's liberal critics also have very short memories. In 2003, Army Chief of Staff General Eric Shinseki clashed with his superiors by saying many more troops were needed to pacify Iraq. He became a Democratic hero and is now Mr. Obama's Veterans Secretary. In this case, Gen. McChrystal has become a political target merely for taking at face value Mr. Obama's order to fight the war properly. His superiors, the Central Commander David Petraeus and Adm. Fallon, back him, but can hardly be said to question civil control of the military.

In an interview with Newsweek, Gen. McChrystal said he wouldn't resign if the President rejects his request for more troops. If he were really trying to dictate policy, he'd have given a different answer. But we don't think Gen. McChrystal should stay to implement a Biden war plan either. No commander in uniform should ask his soldiers to die for a strategy he doesn't think is winnable—or for a President who lets his advisers and party blame a general for their own lack of political nerve.

You can't say that Wobbly Chamberlain Obama is throwing McChrystal to the dogs when the dog in question is Biden, a complete moron who remembered reading about FDR announcing on TV that "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself." and congratulated Lebanon for ousting Hezbollah as Hezbollah tries to take over Lebanon's democratic system by a "coup de pouce."
Why should Pakistan allow drones to be launched if a cowardly POTUS isn't getting on-the-ground feedback for the intell needed to launch them and Bhutto's half-wit husband will predictably fold before the pressures of Pak political infighting and restrain American forces already there while seeking a "middle way." Biden is too stupid to figure that out and as for Wobbly Obama, recall that Jimmy Carter had seven Secretaries of the Treasury in 3 & a half years. lt takes between three and six months for the Boy-Child to reverse field on any given issue.

Seems like Barack The Wobbly is stuck on stupid.

The WSJ delineates the cowardice of Obama choosing a political CYA route versus following the advice of how the surge worked. A Better War seems to have avoided the coward's reading desk and a book on Vietnam in 1965 [and his own CYA cowardice] have influenced Neville Jr. greatly.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Nasty Letterman had Rape Room Above Stage

David was insulting a conservative recently about her looks until someone put up a picture of his "wife," a woman named Lasko, who looks like a truck ran over her face. Now it is becoming clear that Lasko was married off to him to provide cover as a bunch of exes started to get restive---at the moment this hypocritical p.o.s. is beginning to feel the karma that years of phoniness have piled up over his head like a mountain of pigsh*t now sliding downward on him in full living smellovision.

This garbage and lie specialist used to dump on Palin---probably wanted to invite her to his rape room above the stage if he ever could get her on his unfunny evening show.

Next, I'm waiting for Julia Roberts and the other skag-piles he regularly invites as guests to "stick up for" Dave---which is what I'd like to do to with a broomstick up his most productive orifice.

Monday, October 05, 2009

AP Blames Obama Unemployment on Reagan?

James Taranto lays bare the transparent attempts at the MSM to make the current bad economic news look okay. Charlie [What's ACORN?] Gibson, the guy who ponied up furiously to learn the "Bush Doctrine" in order to bushwhack Sarah Palin, is the phoniest [leaving out Dan Rather, who long ago retired the lifetime achievement merde-pour-cerveau English language award for lying through one's teeth] example in James' recent survey. Reason: Phony Charlie pops up both in '83 & '09 spreading disinformation to two separate generations, and may well yet be the new eponymous "Rather Blather" record holder for length of time between fervent lies to advance the libtard cause. Here is living fossil Gibson in both incarnations:
...Charles Gibson illustrated how dramatically different the network coverage of Reagan and Obama really were.
Gibson, who was a Capitol Hill correspondent for ABC in 1982, told viewers May 7, 1982, "There really isn't any good news in the statistics. All the numbers are bad." He then quoted two Democratic attacks on Reagan including Rep. Henry S. Reuss, D-Wis., who charged that Reagan's "policies aren't just mistaken, they're wicked."
But as an ABC anchor in 2009, Gibson was full of hope. He introduced that night's story saying "sometimes a bad jobs report can look good."
"345,000 Americans lost their jobs in May, a big number to be sure. Traumatic if you are one of the 345,000. But the number was smaller than economists had predicted, and that's good news," Gibson said before admitting that the unemployment rate of 9.4 percent was "pretty bad." Neither Gibson, nor reporter Betsy Stark mentioned President Obama at all that night.
On Aug. 7, 2009, Gibson suggested "the economy may be finally turning the corner."

Diane Sawyer will be a welcome replacement, as Charlie wore out my BS detector more frequently than Katie C., but not as often as Champ Chump Bri-boy Williams, who has an inside track as he works for the most venal TV outlet of all, one so badly run that it is hoping that GE will be the next GM, and be taken over by the Govt to get it out of debt.

In the meantime, enjoy the bad times an d keep telling yourself that "si, se puede" works for dumb venal business types too.