Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Buncombe Equals Bunk In Hilarious Independent Send-Up

US-Bashings in the hyper-left UK tabloids have reached some sort of new ludicrous level. In an article written by a clueless oaf named Andrew Buncombe, you might chuckle at his solecisms, such as the "quotations" by "many experts" or the hyper-inflated out-of-context consumption figures.

This leftist cadre-apprentice counts on his reading audience to be so illiterate that they do not understand that the US produces far over 20% of the world's goods and services, and the US's economic growth stems from increased productivity and efficiency numbers far exceeding its European counterparts. [Including France's, which is derived from a 35-hour week--not a 40-plus week as in the US and Japan-- and has now fallen since the lefties exulted last year that French productivity actually exceeded US rates---which they did only within a narrow statistical quirk back then, but no longer do---according to FT]

The Independent is a refuge for those lefty scribblers not clever enough to make the Guardian or New Statesman. And these Independent dolts are not on the dole because their autistic babbling is picked up by acolytes in the American MidWest like the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Minneapolis Tribune, Chicago Tribune, and other dodo rags who think that British leftist nonsense is classy.

The Buncombe bunk quotes:
"...many experts say passing the 300 million milestone should be a wake-up call that demands a reappraisal of the extraordinary, unparalleled rate of consumption by the world's largest economy and its third largest by population.
As an economic model for the rest of the world to follow - in particular the rapidly developing economies of China and India - it is unsustainable, they say."

The article then quotes two "experts," one of whom from the lefty Brookings Institution disagrees with the quotation above, the other from the whack-job hyper-ultra-left Lester Brown at the loon-pond Earth Policy Institute gives a couple of quotes which support Buncombe's bunk.

So where are the rest of the many nameless experts? Buncombe doesn't say, because obviously he made them up out of whole cloth, as he did the factitious "lies, damned lies, and statistics" he quotes under the silly "America Eats the World" title.

The omission of the fact that the US economy is the locomotive for world economic growth just doesn't occur to this clueless cadre-apprentice. Buncombe doesn't read the Financial Times, or he would have found a lot more "experts" who agree with
"Greg Easterbrook, a fellow at the Brookings Institution, a Washington-based, independent research and policy institute, recently wrote: "What should not worry us about continuing US population growth ... is the question of whether we can handle it - we can," he said."
[Note the redundant 'he said' after the verb 'wrote'. Grammar is another debit on Buncombe's fact-challenged ledger]

Almost unanimously, "experts" agree that US consumption actually drives world economic growth, but since this article reflects just more Independent agitprop, inconvenient facts about international economic growth aren't important.

I wonder how many readers will just lap up the nonsense, as the readers in the "comments" section of the WaPo did the "statistics" that 655,000 people were killed in Iraq? There are a lot of delusional morons populating the internet who simply lack critical intelligence. GIGO is the consumption pattern of these sad lefties.

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