Friday, October 13, 2006

Google Censors YouTube

Dan Henninger writes an opinion piece about YouTube and other elements of the Web 2.0 universe without mentioning that the David Zucker send-up of tiny round SecState Madeleine Albright changing Kim Jung-Il's tires and toasting him with champagne was yanked---ostensibly by leftists offended by another Clintonian eff-up registering on-line.

The left used to be more tolerant than the right, but has moved toward a totalitarian tilt reflecting their own loss of power and diminishing conventional credibility. They only have the dinosaur media, academicide victims, and Hollyweird left as their bastions. But with Google and YouTube they are now trying to take over Web 2.0. Barring "Hate Speech" through a politicized judiciary seems job one with these folks. And from Hate Speech will spring all sorts of prohibitions on religious and other eccentric beliefs. Look for more judicial law-making against free speech and unpopular belief [as the MSM defines it] as the Thought Police take over the next generation of internet sites. Google's intolerance is ominous and shutting down political speech, even as satire, and barring Malkin, with hundreds of thousands of hits each day, demonstrates that these young geeks are the nerdy version of Comintern last century.

The edge of the wedge.

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