Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cindy Sheehan to Sue over Cybersex?

Serially unattractive Cindy, whose emotional and moral collapse has led to a Victimhood Hall of Fame, now says she's going to sue another Gold Star mother, this one not a Canonized Whiner, "for every nickel they have." Cindy, whose mourning was deemed above reproach by no less a moral authority than Maureen Dowd, apparently has been documented as having several hundred hours of cybersexual conversations with a certain unidentified male. But CNN nixed an interview with Glenn Beck under threat of a lawsuit from alleged cybersex-addict Cindy.

Of course, First Amendment issues are not important to Jon Klein, Eason Jordan's successor after Eason was forced to resign after making unsubstantiated allegations of American troops targeting journalists at a Davos enclave where he thought he would not be overheard. Klein seems to be following Eason's footsteps in caving to anti-American sentiments rather than braving a possible lawsuit.

Jon is a CYA artiste in avoiding journalism at all costs. CNN goes by the motto: When facts contradict the legend, print the legend.


Anonymous said...

Fence ain't gonna get built. They day after they passed the legislation to build the fence, they passed a seperate peice allowing Bush to divert the money to Boeing for other research, and also allowing Indian tribes and State and local officals to veto the location of the fence.

Anonymous said...

Oh and on another topic:


Charlie Crist is alledged to be gay, the allegation coming from other republicans. So if you vote for Charlie, you may be helping push the dreaded "homo agenda."