Monday, October 16, 2006

Smart Women Repubs Should Be on Fox, WSJ

Danielle Pletka played whack-a-mole with Bill Maher and fake intellectual Ben Affleck on Maher's Friday show, expertly taking down their fact-challenged pants and spanking their prolific asses in public.
First, she butt-whacked the whankers on N. Korea and Iran, and then tucked into a couple of haymakers on Iraq, where the obnoxious Maher started to spout his mental mouth-spew.
Pletka had Maher against the ropes, and moved in for the kill when the host brought up the report last week claiming that 655,000 Iraqis have been killed since the start of the war. Pletka, smelling blood, went for the KO:

From left to right, people who understand about doing these sorts of studies agree that thing is horse manure if I can say that on cable TV. It is absolute rubbish. (side chatter) I’m sorry, my children are watching. Seriously speaking, you can say that people have died…

Maher: Whatever…

Pletka: No, no, it’s not whatever. You’ve got to remember that a million people have died under Saddam Hussein…

Maher: Excuse me kids, but stop watching…what ass did you pull that out of?

Pletka: I pulled that out of the U.N. ass.

Maher: Hey, your kids are watching.

Pletka: Yeah, I know, but they saw the first ass!

At that point, the referee called the fight…winner, and extraordinarily whipping two liberals seemingly with one brain tied behind her back, Danielle Pletka
Of course, no one mistakes Maher and the pretentious playboy Affleck for brainiacs. But the Repubs should unveil more Pletkas with real foreign policy chops. Coulter and Ingraham are okay, but some really bright female conservatives are out there in the wings and FOX-TV News should showcase some of these brainy ladies. I suggest Kathleen Parker for starters.

Like put them up against sonorous bore John Kerry and let them have at him and his spurious nostrums in foreign policy. Kerry thinks he's smart, but his grades at Yale were lower than GWB's, and the Dems have constantly told us how stupid GWB is/was!

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