Friday, October 13, 2006

Russia, China Echo Iran Footdragging with Backpedaling on N.Korea

The United Nations again demonstrated its uselessness on big important issues. Nuclear proliferation is okay with China and Russia, as long as the N. Korean Stalinist dictatorship doesn't collapse and cause millions of starving Koreans to head north or south to countries that can at least feed them. But Russia and China appear to have a concerted policy of obstruction:
Mr. Bolton responded, "We’re certainly very much in favor of keeping all the diplomatic channels open, but we also want swift action and we shouldn’t allow meetings and more meetings and more meetings and more meetings to be an excuse for inaction."

Mr. Wang said that Beijing thought the North Korean claim that it tested a nuclear device was an “irresponsible action” that had to be "firmly opposed and condemned."

But, he added, "More important, it should be helpful for leading to a solution of this issue by peaceful means."

Richard A. Grenell, Mr. Bolton’s spokesman, said the Russians and Chinese were already blocking action on other issues before the Security Council regarding places like Zimbabwe, Sudan, Iran and Myanmar, formerly Burma. "It’s all right to keep talking if you are really going to get action, but not if it’s just delay and delay and delay," he said.

The disingenuous Russian dolt Churkin says the N.Koreans somehow were goaded into making the bomb, which fits into the Russian paradigm of systematically barbarous and backward behavior. Even the S. Koreans care less for their enslaved brethren in the North than their own selfish sybaritic lifestyles.

So Iran, N. Korea, Sudan, Zimbabwe, and Myanmar are free to continue their crimes against humanity with impunity.

And of course, the Dems and the Russians will blame Bush.

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