Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wilson Grifters Heading to Santa Fe: There Goes the Neighborhood!

Although Truthout and Jason Leonard may still be insisting that they were right about Karl Rove being indicted in a double-secret highly-classified indictment for outing the scam Boy Joey did with a visit to Niger that managed to overlook the Iraqi Vatican Ambassador's visit to "study Christianity" in Niamey [just made that up!]

But Drudge has the pair of scammers moving from D.C. to New Mexico to escape the incessant demands on their time and people seeking to exploit their star-power celebrity. [Oops, made that up too!]

Like grifters always say, when the well runs dry, it's time to Move On.

I'm sure Bill Richardson will be thrilled to soak up their foreign policy expertise and perhaps elder statesman Joe will deign to instruct Bill on the nuances of statecraft at the highest levels!

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