Monday, October 16, 2006

BBC Suing to Keep Anti-Israeli Documents Secret

The Telegraph has an article about the BBC, a travesty of a news organization with a huge leftward bias, is using British taxpayer money to keep its documentation about its stark anti-Israeli bias secret from the viewere and taxpayers who fund its Islamist propaganda. Creatures like Orla Guerin and Barbara Plett infest the airwaves with their unjournalistic editorials against Israel, the US, and the UK itself vis-a-vis the Middle East. The case concerns
...a lengthy and expensive battle by Steven Sugar, a lawyer, to get access to the document, which was compiled by Malcolm Balen, a senior editorial adviser, in 2004.

Richard Thomas, the Information Commissioner, who is responsible for the workings of the Act, agreed with the BBC that the document, which examines hundreds of hours of its radio and television broadcasts, could be held back. However, Mr Sugar appealed and, after a two-day hearing at which the BBC was represented by two barristers, the Information Tribunal found in his favour.

Mr Sugar said: "This is a serious report about a serious issue and has been compiled with public money. I lodged the request because I was concerned that the BBC's reporting of the second intifada was seriously unbalanced against Israel, but I think there are other issues at stake now in the light of the BBC's reaction."

The BBC's coverage of the Middle East has been frequently condemned for a perceived anti-Israeli bias.

In 2004, for example, Barbara Plett, a Middle East correspondent, was criticised for revealing in an episode of Radio 4's From Our Own Correspondent that she had been moved to tears by the plight of the dying Yasser Arafat. MPs said it proved that the corporation was incapable of presenting a balanced account of issues in the Middle East.

The BBC's hypocrisy and double standards are on full display here. The BBC is fighting the Freedom of Information Act, which it itself uses to obtain much information for its own [biased] coverage, in order to cover up a report it itself commissioned which found its coverage one-sided and anti-Israeli.

And of course, each British taxpayer must pay for this leftist propaganda organ, just as US taxpayers pay for a slow-witted dullard like Jim Lehrer to intone against the Republicans, ignore Dem scandals like the Reid RICO scams, and have leftists retards like Moyers and various other scurvy NPR and PBS "reporters" who actually serve as an on-air lobby for Dem big-government meddling.

I can remember when the BBC stood for Western values and not for Islamist suicide bombers and Iranian nuke ambitions.

Those were the days.

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