Sunday, October 29, 2006

Studio 60 Hits the Fan

TMZ got a submission from me on why Studio 60 sucked with a capital X. My main rant centered on how Aaron Sorkin's arrogant coke-head chic and an anti-Christian plotline doomed the nutroot-inspired SNL knock-off from the start. I should have put money on it:
Sorkin and friends will argue that NBC has done something wrong, or that the audience isn’t smart enough. Alas, in this case, neither is true. 'Studio 60'—as I wrote on August 7th after viewing the pilot—is just a bad show. There’s nothing wrong with the acting, directing, or dialogue writing. But the premise is faulty. No one cares whether a bunch of over caffeinated, well off yuppies, some with expensive drug habits, put on a weekly comedy sketch show from Los Angeles.

Knowing Hollyweird, this will not hurt careers there because there is a vested interest in dissing the viewing public built into a certain oh-so-socialist degenerate drug culture that Sorkin & Co. can come back to again and again until burn-out occurs. Or maybe Studio 60 is the Sorkin-squad's premature miscalculation signaling terminal burn-out. The half-life of the agit-preppies is getting shorter and shorter.


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