Friday, October 27, 2006

Michael Scheuer: Dems are Osama's Fifth Column in USA

When I bought his book and read parts of it before returning it to Barnes & Noble last year, I thoughtMichael F. Scheuer was a Democrat embedded in the CIA. Now read his piece in the Washington Times and judge for yourself:
Bin Laden, his lieutenants and their allies are no doubt pleased by the destruction of the Spanish and Thai governments and the exhilarating message it sends to the worldwide Islamist movement: The infidels are weak, politically divided, terrified of using full military power and think we can be appeased. In short, war works; keep at it.
Even so, bin Laden, et. al, know the biggest prize looms just ahead — the chance that the Republican Party will be ousted from one or both houses of Congress. There are many factors contributing to this possibility: the Foley abomination, other corruption cases, the trumped?up "crisis" over First Amendment rights and the administration's ill-informed and ham-fisted handling of the Iraq and Afghan wars. If the Republicans are ousted, pundits on both sides of the aisle will find the causes strictly in America's navel.
But what will bin Laden and his Islamist allies think? Well, if Republican defeat comes to pass, they will first thank the Almighty — "Allahu Akhbar!" or "God is the greatest!" — for tangible proof of approaching victory. In Spain, Thailand, and Britain — where Prime Minister Tony Blair suffered the fate of Messrs. Aznar and Thaksin for the same reason, but is leaving gracefully — al Qaeda and its allies see politicians winning power who argue: "The military option has been tried and it has failed. We must seek other-than-martial means to defuse the Islamists' appeal and power." As in Europe and Thailand, this has been the refrain of Sens. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Charles Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Rep. Jane Harman, and a swath of Republicans who value their seats more than U.S. security.
If Americans vote for what sounds like sweet reason from the Democrats, bin Laden and company will rejoice. What they will hear is the death knell for any prospect of effective U.S. military resistance to militant Islam. With the Republicans out, the Islamists will be confident that Democrats will deliver the best of both worlds: less emphasis on military force and a rigid maintenance of U.S. foreign policies that are hated with passion and near-unanimity by 1.3 billion Muslims. If Osama approved of music, he would be whistling "Happy Days Are Here Again!"

Scheuer had been boosted by the Old Dinosaur media when his book criticized elements of Bush's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. But recently Scheuer excoriated Clarke and Berger for their inept craven cowardice when the CIA had Osama virtually in its crosshairs and the perpetually overlawyered Clintonites dithered and dallied and finally passed up the opportunity. Since then, Scheuer hasn't been on the Drive-By media shows and the Dead-Tree lib outlets have put him on their C-List as not totally trustworthy in the Hate America Department. Scheuer ends his piece with a paragraph that will ensure his permanent absence from the NYT Op-Ed treason page:
Enemy perceptions are worth remembering......, because if Americans elect Democrats believing them likely to defeat al Qaedaism, history suggests they will be wrong.
The combination of Democratic rhetoric and the indelible fact of the Clinton administration's relentless refusal to try to kill bin Laden — preferring to protect its Arab, arms-buying buddies at the cost of American corpses — ensures that voters will receive what Clinton-era Democrats are best at giving: barely disguised pacifism that has and will continue to allow al-Qaeda and its allies to steadily destroy U.S. security.

Now here's a fellow who knows what he's talking about and has the intestinal fortitude to say what he thinks.

Meaning he just won't be invited into a Dem Administration as they prefer cowardly craven backstabbing fingerpointers who have countless lawyers treating Osama and his fellow terrorists as a law and order problem.

Why not just make Jamie Gorelick Secretay of Defense and completely destroy America's ability to defend itself?

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Glaivester said...

But if we can't leave Iraq, what are we supposed to do? Unless we embark on a policy that approaches genocide, we cannot bring the country under control, and even if we are ruthless enough to do what it takes to control the country, there are no real prospects that the Iraq can be reconstructed into both an independent, self-governing country and an America-friendly one.

We will have to hold Iraq as a virtual colony perpetually.