Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Australia: Moral Guide for the USA

Australia proves once again that there is at least one country with a pecker in its pants. As Mary Katherine Ham puts it, the Aussies have a "Steve-Irwin style" go-to-it approach that doesn't sit on the sidelines while the UN dithers and wrings its hands and debates and consults and waters down until the same toothless wrist-slap joke of an SC resolution emerges, to the audible sighs of white-flag, surrender-first members of this Debating Society.
Australia will impose a range of measures on North Korea, including curtailing visas and supporting any U.N. sanctions, in response to the country's nuclear test, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said Tuesday. ...
"We were urging our friends and allies in the United Nations to pass a resolution imposing sanctions," Downer told reporters.

Downer said the nuclear test had made the region less secure, and that North Korea had "humiliated" its biggest ally, China.

Captain ends up: "Australia has a significant role to play in this Asian power play. The Western nation has long been a bastion of freedom in that part of the world, and its own economy competes in the same arena that China wants to dominate. As always, the Aussies don't rely on platitudes and wishful thinking when protecting their own interests -- or ours, for that matter."

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