Friday, October 13, 2006

Palestinian PM Haniyeh Puppet Apes Boss in Damascus

Today a TV News flashed across the screen that the Palestinian Prime Minister Haniyeh said that Hamas would never recognize Israel. This echoes Damascus Terrorist Hamas kingpin Mashaal, who still holds a kidnapped Israeli soldier and has repudiated Fatah's prior agreements with Israel, but still wants Fatah to join with the terrorists running the West Bank. The AP story below:
Hamas political leader Khaled Mashaal said Thursday that his group would not recognize Israel, but it wants to join a national unity government with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' rival Fatah faction.

"Hamas will not surrender ... and will not recognize Israel," Mashaal said at a news conference in Damascus, where he lives in exile.

"But Hamas does not want to be in power alone," he added. "The real solution is the formation of a national unity government based on Palestinian principles."

Mashaal's declaration came amid tension between Hamas and Abbas, who has advocated recognizing Israel in exchange for a Palestinian state on parts of the West Bank and Gaza. Hamas has refused, and talks over forming a power-sharing government have stalled over the issue.

"A national unity government should take its orders from the Palestinians, not from America or Israel," Mashaal said defiantly.

He also called for an Arab summit to establish a timeline for Palestinian statehood.

"We want a Palestinian state that extends to the 1967 borders, and we will never give up the right of return of refugees," Mashaal said, referring to Israel's boundaries before the 1967 Mideast War.

Stuck on Stupid is the only way to describe the leadership of Hamas. It must be clear by now that when the USA overruled Israel on whether to include Hamas in the January election this year, it made a big mistake. One notch against Condi Rice.

Terrorists don't make good ruling governments.

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