Monday, October 23, 2006

Hungarian Revolution: Back When Thirst For Freedom Counted

The Wall Street Journal has a moving article about the 1956 Revolt in Hungary. I remember hearing about it on a snowy day in Milwaukee riding in the car with my father to Marquette High School, on the way to work. I recall my feelings of fear and elation, as the era of hiding under one's desks during Civil Defense drills was in my recent past. Cardinal Mindzenty held out against the Soviet monster, led by a bloodthirsty criminal named Andropov, who crushed the Hungarian quest for freedom with tanks and mass executions.

Oh, yeah, that reminds me.

It was while Andropov was General Secretary of the USSR in 1983 that our senior lying pol from Taxachusetts sent his skirt-chasing buddy Sen. Tunney of California to Moscow to ask Andropov to interfere in a US presidential election.

KGB docs prove this, and even name the useful idiots in the MSM who would parade to Moscow to praise the Soviets for their peace-loving devotion to humanity: Barbara Walters [Castro's Girl Friday], Old Uncle Walter the Dupe, and some ABC execs.

But KGB docs and ample evidence that Jimmy Carter begged the Russians for help on another occasion just don't make it to newsworthy when there are e-mails to Congressional pages and Valerie Plame's career and other grave issues threatening America's national security!

Thomas Sowell said it best in an article last February: "The Fourth Estate is the Fifth Column" for the enemies of the US.

And the Dems don't mind crimes against humanity by their overseas comrades, and I use that word in the full amplitude of its connotations and denotations.

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