Thursday, October 12, 2006

Snow Great Success as WH Briefer

Tony Snow is doing a great job as White House Spokesman, the Howie Kurtz article linked above implies. Scott McClellan admittedly was an easy act to follow, but Tony has got the sort of megastar appeal that makes the viewer want to watch him, even if they hate Bush and disagree with what Snow is saying.

Snow is glib enough to describe the recent Woodward book as "cotton candy. It kind of melts on contact." and also to get into parry and thrust with antagonists like David Gregory and the obnoxious O'Brien twins.

You know he's doing a great job when White House reporters complain, which they must do to keep their lib credentials and their job safe, and at the same time out of the side of their mouths grudgingly admit he is a worthy adversary.

Snow's raising money for Republican candidates raises some hackles among the newsies, but of course his star appeal enables him to draw crowds and big buck donations, which makes them green with envy.
Joe Lockhart, a press secretary in the Clinton White House, says he has no ethical objection to Snow raising money for the Republicans, but that it "makes the job harder" by distracting Snow from his main responsibilities.

As for Snow bringing entertainment values to the briefing room, Lockhart says: "That may sound trivial, but it's not. It's hard to get your message out to reporters who aren't coming to your briefing."


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