Sunday, October 22, 2006

NFL Ruined by Refs

I just finished watching the end of the first half of an NFL game in Miami where the zebras disallowed a successful 55-yard field goal because of a defensive penalty before the snap, then disallowed a 40-yard FG because of an offensive penalty. Finally, they ruled that somehow time had run out even though the clock had a few seconds left; they ruled the half was over and the teams left the field.

College football is also suffering from zebritis, or overzealous officials, but the NFL has a big problem with the increasingly intrusive influence that refs have on games. The rules have become so arcane and wrong-headed, incidents like the Miami end-of-half don't even draw comment from the jaded play-by-play commentators.

Why don't they simply let the guy kick, instead of taking it to a rulebook that sometimes turns into game-deciding by judicial fiat.

The elephant in the living room of this whole problem is the heavy amounts bet on pro football games and the possibility of refs shaving point spreads or otherwise getting into illegal activities.

Isn't that what's wrong with Congress and the White House being superseded by a bunch of activist busybodies on the bench?

And the new rules to speed up college football need a review, as the rapidity of the clock now puts too much pressure on a game that was originally designed to be good clean fun. Does anyone remember that anymore?

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