Wednesday, October 18, 2006

NOLA Couple Breaks Up in Every Way

The New York Times featured a couple whose affairs ended badly when the male half of the partnership decapitated, dismembered, cooked and perhaps ate his distaff partner in the French Quarter in New Orleans, where both tended bar. Click on the links to see how John Barleycorn and who knows what else can drive a fatal wedge into a relationship. The male was from LA, so his derangement probably started long before he arrived at the city below sea level. Another news outlet back in the post-Katrina media invasion interviewed this articulate poster couple for NOLA family values. The couple's last residence was above a voodoo shop, so the possibility that evil spirits might have entered the guy from LA, driving him to wield his dissecting tools, might enter into the police report.

Break-ups can be ugly, but New Orleans has a special style and flair about relationships that brings out extremes in high-living and low-dying, it seems.

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