Saturday, October 28, 2006

UN Doing Nothing to Stop Iran From Bomb

Israeli PM Olmert correctly nails the feckless lying incompetents at the UN for secretly supporting Iran's quest for a nuclear device.

The moronic stick-insect ectomorph El-Baradei all but told Condi Rice last week that he believes Iran has a right to a nuclear bomb. This clown won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 [of course Jimmy Carter won one in 2002 and Kofi Annan in 2001, so the trend appears clear that the Norswedes are even dumber than their reputations.]

Anti-Semitism and envy that Israel can be so successful while its neighbors wallow in victimhood and incompetence have a lot to do with it. A 23-member Arab League and an Islamic Conference of many under-developed countries are well-organized in the UN, but of course, powerless to build their own economies due to lack of human capital. And the OIC gets the African Union to desist from punishing Sudan for genocide to black Muslims because they are not Arab. And the corrupt AU leaders take bribes and buy into the OIC/AL conspiracy against Israel.

Losers hate success, which is why Democrats hate Republicans. And why the Old Media/Academicides hate capitalism, which rewards risk and intelligence. Both of which are lacking on the Dino-Drive By Cheap Shotters on the Left.

And Israel pays the price of success and UNSC scofflaws like Saddam get praised by Hans Blix and El-Baradei and Annan. Ahmadodojihad fits into the Saddam mold, and the crime-coddlers at the UN who hate the Jews for their success, reward the scofflaws like Iran and N. Korea.

Because the UN is full of losers. And losers hate winners.

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