Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lefty Whack-Job Slams Hitchens

A Psychotic Delusionary named Ezra Klein tucks into slamming Christopher Hitchens, who talks better than Klein or his New Yorker friend Ian Parker can write.

A sure sign that the delirious ultra-left is getting whacked on the side of the head by Hitchens is their plaintive lying about how he is "past his prime." Like the Splendid Splinter he somewhat resembles, Hitchens "past his prime" is a better long-ball hitter than any of the pathetic minor leaguers blogging among the Kossack Horde or the Puffington Host. Here is one Hitchens quote:
[Howard] Dean was "a raving nut bag," [Hitchens said]...then he corrected himself: "A raving, sinister, demagogic nutbag...I and a few other people saw that he should be destroyed.

And that proves that Hitchens' judgment is far better than the Lilliputians critiquing him in the fact-challenged New Yorker, whose "fact checkers" are legendary for their spell-checking errors [recently a Hertzberg rant included "Saudia Arabia" and factitious tinkering with polling data]

Howard Dean still is a "raving sinister demagogic nutbag." At least Hitchens helped get this loon off the road to the White House.

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