Friday, October 13, 2006

WaPo,Philly,Atlanta Lib Rags Blast Reid; Where's NYT & LAT

Sen Minority Leader Reid should hang up his spurs instead of hanging up the phone on AP. Even the liberal planets around the NYT sun are agog at the arrogance of this girlie man for his land deals with a "former mobster." [BTW, what is the statute of limitations for being mobbed up?]

Sounds like the Dems are beginning the slide to Putinization before they are even elected to a majority status. The Russian KGB dwarf is busy giving parts of the economy to Russian mobsters, while his KGB pals and other cronies take the choicest parts of the economic pie.

Making a million without reporting it should be regarded as equivalent to e-mails and IMs to House pages, but look for silence by Pravda on the Hudson. As I was told long ago by a lefty scamster from Columbia U named Mark Rudd, "No fault on the left."

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