Tuesday, October 24, 2006

St. Louis/KC Dem Machines Avert Poll ID Threat

A long time ago, I was very active in grass-roots politics in St. Louis, MO, and I personally canvassed the vertical plantations of the Pruitt-Igoe housing projects, before they were dynamited as infectious sources of crime and social instability. Today, the Wall Street Journal has a column on the Missouri Supreme Court overthrowing a requirement for photo ID at the polling stations. That reminds me of the quaint habit the St. Louis Democrat Machine had of giving $5 bills to voters coming to the booths, back in my day.

It's no secret that Democratic machines did control and probably still control the politics of Kansas City and St. Louis. St. Louis has had massive polling infractions in the past, like Milwaukee, in a state with many parallel political problems, with which I am familiar. The two cities are two of the most corrupt jurisdictions between the two coasts, with the possible exception of Detroit, of which I am also familiar because of political work for the Dems way back before I grew up and acquired a set of frontal lobes [i.e., became an independent conservative].

The Supreme Courts of Missouri and Wisconsin are in the tank for the Democrats, who have committed massive fraud in both jurisdictions during the last two presidential elections. In Milwaukee, the fraud extended to violence. In the last two presidential elections, Wisconsin has gone Democratic by 5000 and 10000 votes, largely because of unexamined vote fraud in Madison and Milwaukee.

Missouri is headed down the same course of massive institutionalized fraud if it doesn't get reformed by SCOTUS. Here's a quote from the WSJ article linked above:
there's a reason that Democrat partisans are more interested in raising the specter of Jim Crow than in protecting the integrity of the voting process. And here's a clue: While the Missouri Supreme Court was preparing its decision earlier this month, the Kansas City Star and St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran front-page stories about the thousands of fraudulent voter registrations submitted by Acorn, a national left-wing group financed in part by organized labor.
According to the Star, Acorn's voter registration drive generated some 35,000 applications, "but thousands of them appear to be duplicates or contain dubious data." The report went on to note that "[n]ear the top of the fishy list would be a man named Mark who apparently registered seven times over a three-day period using his mother's home address and phone number." Mom told the paper he hadn't lived there in six years.

Acorn and its affiliates have been among the most active and vocal opponents of voter ID laws in Missouri and nationwide. Now we know why.

The Dems are trying to outlaw photo IDs across the country, and are using crooked judiciaries using specious Jim Crow arguments to overthrow legislative mandates. The Dems used to be the Party of Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion. Now the Democrats stand for Drugs, Atheism, and RICO-Kleptocracy.

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