Monday, October 16, 2006

School Harassed by Accused Plagiarizer; Disinvites D'Souza

Seattle has more than one reason to be avoided. Besides the awful weather, you have crazed school teachers who sue if they are ignored or perceive some sort of bias.

Taranto at the WSJ has the story about frivolous lawsuits of the ACLU variety:
Among the plaintiffs' complaints was Lakeside's invitation to conservative commentator Dinesh D'Souza to speak as part of a distinguished lecture series.

After Sims and other faculty members and parents complained, the school in January rescinded the invitation to D'Souza, who has argued that the underachievement of African Americans has more to do with cultural attitudes and behaviors than with white racism.

Seattle Weekly described the D'Souza episode in February:

Though not invited to discuss race per se--Iraq and empire were the topics--his views opposing affirmative action and questioning distinctly racial views of slavery and segregation were apparently beyond the pale. One Lakesider likened him to a Holocaust denier.

Under pressure, the school's head, Bernie Noe, rescinded the invitation. In a formal statement, Lakeside explained that "we realized Mr. D'Souza's presence could cause emotional pain to many at our school, including our increasingly diverse student body."

The clear implication was that students, faculty, and staff at one of the country's premier college prep academies couldn't handle the ideas of a mainstream conservative. That's an odd signal coming from an institution known for academic rigor.

I was lucky enough to be educated at one of the best Jesuit High Schools in the Middle West and was always taught both dogma and critical thinking about other varieties of thought that might conflict with dogma.

The creepy upscale school fears causing "emotional pain" and the obsequious schoolmaster Noe bowed to pressure, a true intellectual coward as PC craven spineless degenerates in the teaching profession tend to be.

I'll bet they have a terrific football program---NOT!!!

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