Thursday, October 19, 2006

Left-Wing Media Buffaloing Timid Repub Conservatives

Tony Snow
accurately described the blizzard of left-wing media predictions of massive gloom, extending even to the heavily-politicized left-tilting US cadre of the Financial Times, which has four articles on Bush's impending electoral defeat.

The crazy swamp-dwelling loons of the far left are keeping their mouths shut, which for that crowd is ominous. But if the Dems win by a few seats in November, you cannot imagine the chest-thumping messianic oral hedonism that will be emitted from the mental midgets of the left. [Physical, counting Markos, the Mad Marxist]

Here is a more sober, though still tinged with a couple of shooters of Grey Goose, assessment by Slate's most balanced, along with Mickey Kaus, appraiser of the current situation.

[Gosh, I thought Karl Rove would be indicted. Didn't a whack-job named Jason Leonard say that at the oxomoronically-named Truthout?]

The MSM is ignoring indications that the Ohio Dem governor candidate was and still is gay. But it is bashing gay Republicans, although hypocritically the Democrat Party is the refuge of these denatured beings.

At least Jacob Weisberg is aware that the Dems have twice in a row nominated complete blundering idiots to lead their presidential tickets. Self-knowledge is acquired with difficulty, but in Dem circles it is rarely ever acquired at all!

So I support either Gore or Kerry in '08, although the Republic is doomed if one of these mentally-challenged losers actually wins.

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