Thursday, October 12, 2006

Nobel Peace Price Becoming a Joke

Cindy Sheehan's announcement in Texas that she is short-listed for the Nobel Peace Prize not only demonstrates her low-class origins [most nominees are mum about being nominated], but drove me to check up on the whack-jobs who have recently been awarded the prize by Norwegians, arguably the slowest and least clever collection of leftist ninnies on the planet. Here is Wikipedia, itself biased left:
Unlike the other Nobel Prizes, the Nobel Peace Prize may be awarded to persons or organizations that are in the process of resolving an issue, or creating world peace rather than upon the resolution of the issue. Since the Prize can be given to individuals involved in ongoing peace processes, some of the awards now appear, with hindsight, questionable, particularly when those processes failed to bear lasting fruit. For example, the awards given to Theodore Roosevelt, Shimon Peres, Yasser Arafat, L? ??c Th?, and Henry Kissinger were particularly controversial and criticized; the latter prompted two dissenting Committee members to resign [3]. Right-leaning groups have also criticized the Nobel Committee for a perceived left-leaning bias in its decisions.

Of course, Kofi Annan's feckless UN won recently, and last year Mohammed El-Baradei won for his splendid work in preventing nuclear proliferation [Oops!]

Why not give AQ Khan an honorable mention if you give El-Baradei the prize? El-Baradei recently fired his Deputy for Iran at the complaints of the Iranians who thought the fellow was too talented and good at finding out Iranian cheating, lying, and smuggling in nuke parts.

Jimmy Carter's recent declaration that Ethiopian elections were fair and balanced were scorned by UN and other International Observers, who did observe that Carter was a feeble-minded half-wit who didn't understand what was going on and left before the ballots were counted---resulting in fraud that caused dozens of deaths. The MSM hushed this up because the meddlesome midget from Atlanta is their poster boy for bashing conservative causes. His eff-up on N. Korea enabled that country to get the nuclear bomb despite his lying OpEd in the NYT yesterday. Carter messes up everything he touches, but at least he is out of office. Ronald Reagan did more to foster world peace than a dozen Carters and other silly amateur-hour publicity hounds.

When the list of past nominees was revealed recently, it turned out that Hitler was nominated in 1939. Stalin and Mussolini were also nominated.

Although she fits in the category of fool rather than knave, the empty-headed useful idiot Sheehan has good company. I expect Hugo Chavez to get nominated one of these years.

And maybe Osama, as Oslo likes outdoor types.

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