Friday, October 13, 2006

Mandarin Eunuchate at NYT Threatened by Inhofe

Senator Inhofe will soon be the bugbear of the hysterical Chicken Little Sky is Falling ultra-left Global Warming alarmists, including the always wrong-headed New York Times.

Looks like Inhofe is already starting to be worrisome to the scammers at the NYT and the big-science nabobs and moguls.

I'll bet they'll call the record cold and snowfall today just another proof of global warming!

These delusional climate-alarmists are capable of saying or doing anything. That's the way they were taught by faineant do-nothing profs at college and grad school and post-Doc. Here's what the cabal says today:
[Inhofe makes]... survey of the way the news media have covered climatic predictions over the past century. Cooling, warming — we never get it right. Naturally, Mr. Inhofe dismisses what he calls media "hysteria," which is also a way of dismissing not just Al Gore but the consensus among mainstream scientists and the governments of nearly every industrialized nation concerning manmade climate change.

Horsefeathers! The climate alarmists are trying to fake evidence and destroy the countervailing phenonmenon of the "Little Ice Age," according to Inhofe's truth squad. They also are continuously getting caught in bald-face lies and evidence-cooking. They have an agenda, which is to get more funding to finance their spurious snipe hunts to find evidence for a factitious result they have already proclaimed is true---on tendentious or ginned-up evidence.

Just another scam from the Kremlin on the Hudson.

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