Sunday, October 22, 2006

N. Korea as a Nuclear Power

Newsweak has a long article riddled with inaccuracies and omissions which tries to blame Bush for the N. Korean bomb. Like senile dementia victim Selig Harrison, the article blames the N. K. nuke on Bush's unwillingness to talk one-on-one with the perfidious liars in Pyongyang, rather than in the six-member contact group.

The article omits the fact that N. Korea was almost certainly pursuing bomb development during the Clinton years, which Billy Jeff conveniently ignored by not even allowing an NIE [remember those?] during his eight years mismanaging US foreign policy.

And hilariously, the article ends with a true howler concerning Winston Churchill:
In Bush's Oval Office sits a bronze bust of Winston Churchill, who served both in the government and at the front in the war Kaiser Wilhelm started partly out of pride in 1914. Churchill's was a long life: a veteran of the trenches,

Yadda, yadda, yadda. Newsweak has fact-checkers even worse than the New Yorkers, who recently let "Saudia Arabia" into one of their polemical diatribes. Sir Winston was First Lord of the Admiralty, and was busy designing the disaster at Gallipoli rather than serving "at the front" near "the trenches." The whole article reeks of amateurish tendentious factitious nonsense like the above.

The self-absorbed autistic mindset of the MSM is exemplified by Newsweak's article.
By transference, these self-important second-raters make the US the center of whatever is wrong, and Bush responsible for N. Korea developing a nuke.

The miniature mini-me would have built one come hell or heavy water.


brooksfoe said...

The article omits the fact that N. Korea was almost certainly pursuing bomb development during the Clinton years

It omits that "fact" because there is no evidence that North Korea was pursuing bomb development during the Clinton years. News magazines are unfortunately constrained by archaic journalistic rules which prevent them from saying things unless there is at least some shred of evidence that those things are true. There is, in fact, a mountain of evidence regarding what North Korea was doing with its plutonium during the Clinton years: to wit, eight years' worth of videotape of all of North Korea's plutonium rods sitting locked up inside a sealed warehouse, under constant monitoring by international inspectors.

You, however, just know North Korea was secretly building a bomb because, you know, you just know it. The fact that NK built and detonated a bomb on George W. Bush's watch is mere coincidence. The fact that shortly after GWB proclaimed NK a member of the "Axis of Evil", it took al its plutonium out of storage, kicked out the international inspectors, and, a few years of empty GWB posturing later, set off its first nuke, is irrelevant. Because really, it's all Clinton's fault.

Your feckless, stupid, incompetent and blustering leader is devastating this country's security posture, and you simply pretend to yourself it isn't happening. Pathetic.

dave in boca said...

Of course, Clinton did not try to block uranium production, international inspectors were barred from physically inspecting the plutonium facilities in N. Korea, and Clinton conveniently omitted doing an NIE on N. Korea to actually find out what NK was doing. There is "no evidence" that Clinton could find because he never made an honest effort to find out. The missile test in 1998 never piqued this milquetoast's curiosity. Instead he sent his ridiculous SecState to toast Dear Leader and offer more aid. Malfeasance by omission.

Sec. Eagleburger wisely said in an interview that both Clinton and Bush were equally culpable. Clinton was gullible and Bush was confrontational.

But, of course, Kim Jong-Il is the real criminal, and anyone who thinks it was someone else's fault is drinking autistic Kool-Aid.

Clinton and Carter get by with their patty-cake chicanery because of the pathetic mindset exhibited in the comment above, where he believes non-existent inspectors were "kicked out" by Dear Leader after Bush's SOTU speech. Facts are solid and this reader is flaky.

Delusional thinking on the left always points the finger in the wrong direction.