Wednesday, October 18, 2006

David Ignatius on November Voters

David Ignatius has a good piece on the November 7th vote. Other bloggers focus on the simplistic comparison the authors of a recent book make between Clinton as a centrist and Bush as a divider. Clinton was a weasal and Bush took hard decisions, which got him lambasted by the ultra-left MSM and therefore unjustly labeled a "divider." Clinton famously did little to catch UbL in Sudan or knock him off in Afghanistan [according to an otherwise anti-Bush author, Paul Scheuer of the CIA]. Clinton had a tooth-fairy view of the world that Bush had to contend with when the real world arrived 9/11.

Read the delusional delirium of the swamp-rat lefty bloggers attached to this article in if you want an excursion into the Emerald City [Who's that man behind the curtain? Beats me. Of course, it was UbL]. The EU is rife with half-wits like the firebiyotchswamp crews on the blogging left stateside. A thigh-slapper excerpt:
In Missouri, the Republican incumbent, Sen. Jim Talent, seems to be trying to find the center as well. One ad touts his nonpartisanship: "Most people don't care if you're Red or Blue, Republican or Democrat," says the ad, which boasts of legislation Talent has co-sponsored with Democratic colleagues such as Ron Wyden, Chris Dodd and Chuck Schumer.

Talent's move to the center is countered by his opponent, Claire McCaskill, who has highlighted Talent's opposition to stem cell research in poignant ads featuring Missourians with medical problems who might be helped by such research.

In her dementia, Claire Monday night debated Jim Talent and accused Bush of manipulating the world economy resulting in lower gas prices for the election.

Hello. In the real world, gasoline prices are tied to crude prices and inventories and political risk and Opec and a half-dozen other variables the smartest economists in the world can barely predict, let alone manipulate. Yet airhead McCaskill shows her Ozark roots by coming up with a conspiracy theory that only a hopeless nutcase could espouse.

I know from personal experience that there are some mighty simple-minded dolts in Missouri, where I once lived and got out of toot sweet. But even the bootleggers in the "Show Me" state are smarter than McCaskill, who appears stuck on attack ads and lala-land mindsets only seen elsewhere in Southern California [and the SF Bay area].

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