Thursday, October 12, 2006

Europeans Mistrust Muslim Reluctance to Assimilate

The New York Times slowly begins to report the spreading conviction of Europeans that the aggressive intolerance built into the DNA of Islamist beliefs will lead to violence and further ghettoization of the already isolated Muslim immigrants.

Not mentioned in the article is the recent switch by amoral weathervane French President Chirac from being strongly in favor of Turkish entry into the EU to now telling an Armenian audience that the Turks must accept responsibility for the Armenian genocide before EU allows Turkey to enter the Union.

One anecdote of the NYTstory concerns the mixed marriage of a European native with a Muslim:
Many Europeans, she said, have not been accepting of Muslims, especially since 9/11. On the other hand, she said, Muslims truly are different culturally: No amount of explanation about free speech could convince her husband that the publication of cartoons lampooning Muhammad in a Danish newspaper was in any way justified.

The medieval mindset of many Muslims living in Europe appears set in concrete. If they continue to act in a violent lawless manner when confronted with tolerance issues, there will be much more resistance than before. Not only to Turkish entry, but to civilized life in the community.

And more terrorist incidents like London and Madrid may cause a serious situation to precipitate into general civil disorder.

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