Monday, October 09, 2006

Woodward Flogs Book Hard

Bill O'Reilly's book Culture Warrior sold 20,000 more copies than Woodward's State of Denial the first week they came out. But Woodward keeps getting headlines from being on Meet The Press flogging his collection of anecdotes selectively juxtaposed to make Bush look bad. Now this serial confabulator and liar claims that VP Cheney called him on the phone, used a vulgarity to describe his latest fiction, and then hung up. No proof, and lap-puppy Russert just swallows the Alpo non-stop.

Woodward is an insult to journalism and the WaPo should yank his sweetheart deal immediately. O'Reilly is at the top of the NYT bestseller list, and Woodward has sold barely half as many as the Culture Warrior.

But the MSM acts as though Woodward was mainstream and O'Reilly on the fringes. That is the Dinosaur Media as it finds itself stuck in the [La Brea] tarpits of leftist ideology.

O'Reilly is closer to the center than Woodward, and has the additional merit of speaking the truth.

Anyone who read Woodward's The Veil knows that this guy is a weathervane and a meretricious liar.

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