Monday, October 09, 2006

CNN Vows To Push Foley Story as "Much More Important" Than NK Nuke

I wish I had the videotape, but CNN's twerpy little superannuated nerd Jeff Greenfield actually said [perhaps with tongue only slightly in cheek] that the NK story would fade and the Foley story would remain front and center until the election. That is what purports to be "news analysis" from CNN, dying a slow death in the ratings as its credibility wanes with statements like the above.

Greenfield said, perhaps ironically, that the NK nuke story was not as important. But Wolf B and his bevy of "analysts," including Bay Buchanon as a David Brooks in drag, all confirmed that indeed, the Foley story was pivotal and would remain so.

This is the wish being father to the thought.

Rather, it is a promise. It is a promise that the MSM attack mutts all across the Dinosaur media won't let this go and that loathesome Dem consultants like Kamber and other kennel dwellers will persist in getting airtime, so CNN can claim credit if the Repubs lose. Greenfield even had a number of October Surprise flashbacks, most engineered by the Democrat Party, to push the idea that the Foley story fits right in. And that the fact that a homocidal maniac like Dear Leader has a nuclear weapon just doesn't fit into the Democrat Party playbook. So the story will diminish.

Given the fact that Dennis Hastert comes across on the tube as a more obese version of Jabba the Hut, it is not surprising that the American public feels that this fellow should leave ASAP.

But I shudder to contemplate more Jimmy Carter wannabes snuggling up to Dear Leader and getting blackmailed for more real money---as opposed to the counterfeit Ben Franklins Dear Leader makes in his Pyongyang basement! And Nancy Pelosi congratulating Kim Jung-Il like Maddy Albright toasting the tyrant.

Sure CNN will keep flogging the Foley story, and Woodward his book larded with half-truths and tendentious red herrings.

The Democrat Party will flog its Big Lie campaign and the Repubs may lose Congress, and get a wake-up call to get rid of its party leadership still suffering from a DeLay hangover.

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