Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sen. Harry Reid Caught With Hand in Cookie Jar

The MSM will predictably bury this story about Sen. Reid's once again profiting from his position as Senate Minority Leader. This time it's $1.1 million on land he hadn't owned for three years, a tidy real estate trick difficult to turn unless, of course, you are in the tank with the local entrepreneurs.

The Dems are baying at the moon about Repub corruption, and the mainstream media serves as their megaphone. Strangely quiet, however, is any talk about Dem misdeeds and malfeasance, as with Dem Congressmen Jefferson ["Cold Cash"] in New Orleans or Cong. Mollohan in WVa, who has amassed a minor fortune that can't be accounted for by any normal business practices.

Any doubt that the MSM is in the tank for the Dems will be dispelled if the Sen Minority Leader's windfall profits are swept into the MSM memory hole, where stories harmful to Dem politicians die a death of neglect. If the NYT covers this, it will be on the back pages below the fold.

As I noted this morning, disinformation from "think tanks" and academic "chop shops" get onto front pages even though they are spurious and methodologically unsound, as with the "study" discovering 655,000 dead in Iraq ostensibly due to US activities. Journalism is dead and not much can be said about the Dems attempts to steal an election using a torrent of bogus issues and tendentious fabrications.

The Repubs have plenty of faults and probably should clean house, especially at the leadership level, which is wallowing in perks and fast practices---Speaker Hastert himself profited from a suspicious land deal.

The two-party system in the US has become very much an insider's game opaque to outside players. Neither the Dems nor the Repubs look like they will change the rules of this game.

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