Monday, October 09, 2006

North Korea: Another Jimmy Carter Success Story!

Flopping Aces has a good run-down on the final chapter of Bill Clinton's attempts to bribe the vicious madman in charge of the DRNK. Included is a picture of Dear Leader toasting Maddy Albright concerning all the money Clinton threw at the whack-job leftist. Remember ex-prez Carter's ex-officio trip to NK in '94 and his insistence that the US could and should negotiate with Kim Jung-Il? The MSM are silent about that glorious episode of Clintonian foreign policy.

Hang Right Politics has another take. The best rundown can be found at Front Page which has many tidbits.

This event comes just in time for those with minds and long memories that a Democrat foreign policy will be predictably Neville-appeaser in its "reaching out" and trying to talk a madman into sane behavior. Here is an article from the UK on just what kind of Dear Leader this psychotic joker, whom Ted Turner likes and thinks is doing a good job, does to attempted escapees at the border of the Yalu River.

For a view of a kumbayeh type, here the kumbayeh mag Newsweek with ancient fossil Selig Harrison [I met him at the CFR during my Paki days} in tuneful harmony with Jimmy and Billy Jeff and Maddy. Harrison already is blaming the USA for the nuclear blast, even before it goes off. Looks like guidance for the Dinosaur media on the party line to follow: "It's Bush's fault!"

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