Thursday, October 12, 2006

Free Speech Attacks by "Liberals" on Malkin, Conservative Bloggers

The loathesome lefties are beginning to suppress discourse on the internet in blogs and videos if it doesn't fit into the ultra-control agenda of the creeping-socialist left.

Michelle Malkin was banned from YouTube for showing an ad making fun of the Clintonite appeasers on N. Korea, a no-no for the nannified left.

Along with Columbia University banning RSVPs to a conservative's speech yesterday after supporting a leftist takeover of a Minuteman presentation, the left is beginning to flex its totalitarian muscles, as the ultra-left has always subscribed one way or another to Stalin's maxim---"no person, no problem."

Google and YouTube and Technorati [and I fear Memeorandum soon] will succumb to the Putinization of the Internet---suppressing alternative views to their leftist agenda.
In the waning days of Howard Dean’s abortive presidential campaign, I met many of the talented folks who played a role in turning the Dean Web site into a powerful fundraising tool that propelled an unknown candidate into the national spotlight. At various blogging conferences since, I have had the opportunity to observe many of these bright minds strategizing on how to best leverage the emerging world of blogs and other “social networking” services known as "Web 2.0" to advance their liberal political agenda and win elections.

Their common refrain: "We need to own the Internet the way the right owns talk radio."
They got me wondering whether the online "conservative elite" was aware of what the left had in mind and, if so, whether they were concerned. During the past few years, I have had the opportunity to ask this of Internet specialists working on the Bush-Cheney campaign, top officials in the Republican National Committee, communications specialists at the White House and dozens of top conservative bloggers.

A-List blogger and talk radio show host Hugh Hewitt’s response was typical: "It doesn’t matter who creates the tools used by bloggers, but what bloggers do with those tools."

If the blissfully smug Hugh Hewitt believes that the ACLU will come to his rescue when his free speech rights are abridged by lefties pulling tricks like they pulled on Michelle Malkin, he may find himself back on AM radio pitching his line.

The left has never tolerated the conservative world-view and it is unlikely to start now that it senses a takeover in D.C.

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