Monday, October 09, 2006

Dregs of Society Must Be Eliminated: PRC Priority

Last night I watched a Court TV program on Chinese Narcotics Polica and how they track down and bust drug traffickers. The offender, a taxi driver, is arrested, the drug hawl found under the front seat of his car and exposed to the camera, and he is trundled away to almost certainly the maximum punishment. In the case of dealing heroin, death. The PRC executes 10,000 criminals a year and sells their organs for a tidy profit.

Okay, we can all agree that the PRC may be a bit overexuberant in eliminating what it considers "dregs." What would we say about a society which refuses to protect itself from such "dregs," and even worse, does not try to prevent the invasion of its country by a vast army of unemployed potential criminals from a country run by organized criminals by and for their enrichment.

That society is committing slow-motion suicide.

The Washington Post has a story on such a society in today's paper, one potentially threatened by the UN with sanctions for erecting a wall on its border to keep criminals from crossing its borders.

Would that be feminized weaklings like Canada or the Netherlands or another EU degenerate like France? No, it's the USA and its president, a wimp named GWB, wants to permit a gigantic national security hemorrhaging to continue into the southern border states. And he wants to legalize lawbreakers, and penalize law-abiders who wait their turn in places with respect for law and order like the Philippines.

Not the giant kleptocracy south of the border with a murder and crime rate that makes the US seem like Switzerland.

Actually, link to the WaPo article and you may just wonder whether it is a put-on or perhaps a way for the Mexican Foreign Minister to stay in civilized countries [and out of his own] until December 1, the last day of the failed presidency of Vicente Fox.

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