Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Denmark Yanks Website Mocking Mohammed

EU Referendum
puts down the hypocritical left which loves to insult Christians and Jews, but cringes and scampers away, tail between legs, at any Muslim reactions to their shenanigans.

Bear in mind, the wastelands floating on oil have almost no tolerance for art in general nor do they appreciate satire against their iconic revered religious figures. So the daring artistes who love to soak crucifixes in urine, spatter elephant dung on pictures of the Virgin, and defame Jews in cartoons [well, not really, as many of these artists are Jews or have Jewish friends], draw the line at mocking someone whose barbarous behavior and lack of civic virtue permits bloody revenge.

Artists are really cowards who can't function as "normal," so they spew on normality, unless of course, it strikes back. Then they scurry into their bolt holes like the rodents they are.

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