Friday, May 30, 2008

Latest Pew Poll: Obama may LOSE both White Males & White Females

Pew has a long poll out which has most negatives on McCain dealing with his politics and most negatives on Obama dealing with his personality or personal background [it doesn't mention his controversial spouse].
However, more voters continue to say that McCain is about right in his approach to foreign policy and national security issues than say that about Obama (51% vs. 43%). The view that Obama is not tough enough on foreign policy has not receded since earlier in the year. More than four-in-ten (43%) say that Obama is not tough enough on foreign policy, which is identical to February.

And Clinton female supporters really don't like the way the media has been anti-female, rather than anti-feminist.

Pew basically has a Democrat bias, and neglects to mention the much-observed, but seldom-mentioned "Bradley Effect," which is the tendency of non-blacks to say things which do not expose them to being called bigots or racists. In California, that effect is widely believed to be what got Gray Davis elected governor.

If there is a foreign policy crisis between now and November, McCain certainly has a good chance to become POTUS #44.


itsanallen444 said...

Dear Dave, Was that you commenting after the Keith Olberman article in Time mag by James Poniewozik? I thought it was great. I think you were the only poster right of center. It is crazy out there.

dave in boca said...

That was me alright. However, most leftie posters commenting on the demented loonatic K-O were sort of unhappy with his serial mouth-foaming tirades, though they didn't want to appear to be pro-Rush.

Olberman has serious psychological problems---I saw him screeching tonight about what a hero McTurnip-Truck fall-offer Scotty-boy was---the eyes were bulging and spittle flecked his mouth.

Self-parody---I'm waiting for SNL to get a backbone & put this dude into a memory hole.

itsanallen444 said...

Question: How many MSM shows owe their existance to O'Reilly? Answer: At least two - The Colbert Report and Herr Olberman's countdown show -- they are either parodies of O'Reilly or correctives to him (as Poniewozik puts it). So even the pathetic little existance that they (lefties on cable) have is attributable to Fox.

Herr Olberman seems out of place even in the MSM. It just raises the question of why the MSM allows a show like that on at all. If it is a corrective to FOX it would imply that the MSM concedes some of its journalistic integrity and plays more like the right (FOX and Rush). But I think they are being dishonest because they still keep the mask of unbiased journalism on all the time like when Herr commented at some of the debates.

GW said...

Great post. While the MSM may be trying to cover the many bleeding wounds of Obama, it appears that the old Lincoln adage about the ability of one to fool the people is a profound truth.

As to Olberman, he's such low hanging fruit, one would think SNL would have a field day with that guy. The few times I have watched him, I think calling him a corrective to O'Reilly just does not adequately characterize the situation. O'Reilly is more a pompous ass than anything else. Olberman is an ideologue with a very tenuous grip on reality.

At any rate, good post. Linked.

dave in boca said...

Great Wolf===Glad to be posted on your weekend round-up & I'm glad you delineated the difference between rude opinionated gasbag BO'R, who resembles some of my Irish uncles, and seriously demented Herr UeberHauptGauLeiter Olbermann, who deserves to retire the cup at Carnival of the Insanities.