Sunday, May 25, 2008

Clinton Wins Against McCain; McCain Beats Obama

Gallup poll results show that the Dems are encountering a difficult dilemma. Hillary will win the big Reagan Democrat bloc that Obama will not----that will be the linchpin of the '08 election. And remember the "Bradley Effect" that means even more voters will not vote for Obama than say they will. So perhaps Obama loses by five points to McCain instead of the poll's two points.

The dilemma lies in the obdurate insistence of the media, academy, Hollyweird, & other imbecilic interest groups that the ultra-left candidate, a la McGovern, must be the candidate. Who cares about winning? The danger of leftist nostrums and anodyne solutions is thankfully obviated by the self-destructive suicidal autism of the ultra-left.

And so the Dems will nominate Obama, & perhaps have Hillary as VP. If I were her, I'd pass up that position, but she must make the choice. Strangely, a Quinnipiac poll shows that a McCain/Condi ticket beats Obama/Hillary EVEN IN NY state! But that paragon of maverick insistence of going his own way, McCain will bob and weave toward the center---but he is the only Repub who might win in this year of repudiation of the feckless party that had a Tennessee MD as Senate Majority Leader & a total retard like Hastert as Speaker. 2006 was just the overture to a huge 2008 Dem victory, but their zany whacko party rules might keep them from gaining the presidency.

Thank God for the Republic!!

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