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Pat Santy Riffs Off of Bill Shatner's Priceline

Siggy, Carl & Alfred have a nice parody of Pat M. Santy's "Dr. Sanity" blog [daveinboca pre-emptive ]:

MHNN (Ann Arbor, MI)- This past week the 2008 race for the White House took an ugly turn when charges and counter charges flew in the media. After George W Bush delivered an address to the Israeli parliament. The Obama camp were up in arms at at a what they perceived was a slight that was intended to impugn their credibility. In his remarks, Mr Bush made clear that there was no negotiating with regimes who were threatening the peace of the world, a clear reference to Iran and Hamas.

The Obama campaign immediately swung into action, attacking the President and his administration, attempting to blame all of the failure of American foreign policy on the Bush administration.

Pat Santy, former NASA psychiatrist and organic waste in space disposal expert and author of the Carnival Of The Insanities called Barack Obama and asked to sit down and talk about his foreign policy. At first Obama demurred, but when she promised not to ask any Rezko questions, he agreed. Michele Obama insisted on being present and agreed not to interfere with the session. The following is a transcript of that conversation.

Patricia M Santy (PMS)- Good morning, Barack

Barack Obama (BO)- Good morning plaaaya! Ha! That’s street talk. Michele is teaching me. She wants me to negotiate with MS-13.

PMS- Negotiate what?

BO- Hell if I know. She wants me to be sure the urban gang vote doesn’t split. If the Crips and Bloods think I’m going be tough with MS-13 negotiations, I’ll get their votes.

PMS- Are you nuts? Are you out if your mind?

BO- I can’t believe you just said that! You, a psychiatrist and therapist! How can you talk like that?

PMS- With great confidence. I am highly qualified psychiatrist with years of experience in the clinical and research communities in both the academy and field. I am more than able to distinguish what is insanity.

Michele Obama (MO)- Who the hell do you think you are, white bitch?

PMS- Michele, I agreed to allowing you to stay only if you agreed to stay quiet.

MO- Who the hell are you, white bitch! My man doesn’t have to put up with the kind of crap you are dishing out. You are just another example of why I hate white people, why I never feel at home in the white world-

BO- WOW! You stood up for me!

MO- No moron, I stood up for me. Now shut up and sit down, Kansas Wonder Bread boy.

PMS- Michele, you are nothing but a monument to affirmative action. You aren’t comfortable in a world where anyone disagrees with you and when yo can’t win an argument, you make the disagreement about race. We are here because Obama agreed to be here. You might not like what I have to say, but my disagreements have nothing to do with race. Deal with it.

MO- I’ll rip your Lilly white-

BO- Enough, Michele.

MO- Listen to me, you half white-

BO- Shut up Michele! Don’t make everything about race!

MO- I’ll cut your-

BO- Shut up Michele!

PMS- As I was saying Barack, I asked you here because of remarks you made about negotiating with Iran and Hizbollah.

BO- You know, John Kennedy sat down with Nikita Kruschev at the height of the Cuban MIssile Crisis to negotiate with the Soviets-

PMS- No Barack, he sat down with the Soviets to deliver an ultimatum. He told the Soviets our position regarding Soviet nuclear weapons in our backyard was unacceptable. There were no negotiations. We gave the Soviets a way to back away and save face, but make no mistake- Soviet nuclear weapons in Cuba were never an option on the negotiating table.

BO- Look, how can negotiating, even tough negotiating, hurt?

PMS- Who taught you history, Bill Ayers? Look, negotiating with Iran would give them credibility. Would you engage in talks with David Duke and the Klan, even as they promised more racism, bigotry and violence? Do you think that’s a smart idea? Do you think we need to give the leaders of Iran, Hamas and the all the other psychos in the region credibility?

BO- You’re overstating-

PMS- Barack, foreign policy is not Price Line and you are not negotiating like William Shatner! Look what happened after every attempt at negotiations with tyrannical regimes who promised violence. Neville Chamberlain attempted to negotiate with ‘Herr Hitler.’ No matter how many pansy UN diplomats attempted to ‘negotiate,’ Rwanda, the Congo, Sierra Leonne, East Timor and Sri Lanka are now all testaments to the failure of negotiations with dysfunctional regimes. ‘Negotiations’ in Darfur have gone on for decades. Do you know how many people have been killed in the Sudan since the beginning of the negotiations? 2 million, that’s how many.

BO- Are you saying that diplomacy has no value?

PMS- Not at all! Diplomacy has great value when dealing with nations who share like minded values- and that’s why establishing democracies is so important. The more democratic a nation is, the less likely that nation will resort to violence and war to settle disputes. Democracies do not go to war with each other.

MO- If that’s so true, why do leftists hate democracy and democratic regimes?

PMS- Let me put it to you in terms you’ll understand, Michele. The left needs war and strife, because without war and strife, they would have to make actual contributions to benefit others. Bitching about democracies and freedom does not contribute to the benefit of anyone but the frauds doing the bitching. In every case, bitching is a lot easier than actually working and contributing- and if you bitch loud enough, you can convince yourself you are more relevant than you really are.

BO- Aren’t you being a bit harsh?

PMS- Am I? What good is the Code Pink ‘Breasts not Bombs’ campaign? If they had an ‘Elbows not Bombs’ campaign, who would show up Do you think the cameras would be there? Do you think the victims in Darfur and Congo and Sierra Leonne see Code Pink as credible ‘negotiators’ on their behalf? Code Pink doesn’t care about victims. If they or anyone else on the left gave a damn about victims or war or oppressed people, they would do things very differently.

MO- OK, I’m paying attention- we’re paying attention. How would you handle Iran and Hamas?

PMS- Look, I’m not here to answer that question. Iran and Hamas can be easily handled- and dealt with, once we understand their realities.

BO- And that is?

PMS- It’s very straightforward. Ideologies that espouse, promulgate and teach terror are not underwritten by border disputes, poverty, political unrest, dissatisfaction or ‘humiliation’. Hostages are not taken and held to be traded for economic aid. Planes aren’t flown into buildings in response to GDP of the free markets of the western world versus the GDP of the many tyrannies of the Muslim world. Women and children are not beaten and 13 year old girls are not raped to avenge a stalled peace process.

Here is what Bill Ayers and the hard left don’t want to discuss and they will deliberately misrepresent the real aims of those promulgating terror and violence, to avenge ‘humiliation’ and phony ‘oppression.’ The terrorists and their leftist supporters don’t want to see western values and successes brought into the Muslim world. That’s it. That is what they are fighting against. Religious freedoms, abortion rights, gay rights and human rights are anathema to the ideologies and ideologues of Iran and Hamas. Their ideologies demand the murder of those whose behavior they find offensive- usually administered in a cruel and brutal fashion. What can you say about a culture for whom ‘God in Heaven, Hitler on earth‘ is a ditty taught in schools? Do you think they’ll take a black man seriously? These are truths many on the left somehow manage to forget, mostly because they don’t want to be responsible for having to make real contributions to society. The truth is that the left and the racist, bigoted vicious and violent adversaries of freedom they embrace are not, ‘just like us.’

If the terrorists and their ‘progressive’ supporters and apologists really wanted to better the lives of hundreds of millions of oppressed people, they would use America and the west as models for success. Freedom and democracy are antithetical to hate and terrorism because freedom usurps the power of the terrorist. With out the power to instill fear and punishment, those dysfunctional leaders of Iran and Hamas are nothing. We cannot legitimize them by giving them credibility, as if they were equals. We tried that with Hitler and that didn’t turn out too well. The left knows that and doesn’t give a damn.

Obama, ask yourself a question. If you are elected as America’s first Black president, do you want to be remembered for embracing a well documented record of failed and useless negotiations with evil and dysfunctional regimes? Or do you want to be remembered as a great defender of freedom and democracy?

BO- Lots to think about.

PMS- If you have to think about it, well, that scares me.

MO- I need to read Carnival of the Insanities. I may be coming around. Damn.

In real life, Michele will never let go of her insane hatred of whitey. She is a specimen of psychotic displacement that blames whitey for her low SAT scores! That is delusional and Larry Johnson of No Quarter swears that The United Church of Christ has tapes of Michele screaming obscenities at whitey for her delusional inferiority---a job at U of Chicago Hospital doing "community outreach" at $350K a year after affirmative action got her a Princeton & Harvard Law degrees.

Oh the Oppression!

I for one can't wait 'til those tapes hit airtime, though the media & Howard Dean the Scream Machine will say they're off-limits. And racist. [Of course they're racist. Michele is a racist!]

Has Barry not morphed into "Barack" without transference from his weaker, lesser half? Or am I being off-limits?

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